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Graphic of elderly women

Facilitating continence for people with dementia in acute hospital settings

Using sociology to improve the quality and humanity of care for people with dementia in acute hospitals.

Skincare products

Improving access to support for those with psoriasis to make lifestyle behaviour changes

Integrating well-being and behaviour change into dermatology care across the UK.

Doctor holding child hand

Paediatric early warning system utilisation and mortality avoidance

A system-wide approach to early warning in paediatrics - utilisation and mortality avoidance

Freedom to speak up

Evaluating 'Freedom to Speak Up Local Guardians'

Understanding an innovative role in NHS England intended to support staff to speak-up.

Water birth

Establishing the safety of water birth for mothers and babies

The POOL study is evaluating the safety of water births for mothers and babies.


Peritoneal dialysis and peritonitis: the experiences of patients and their families

Exploring what people using peritoneal dialysis know about infection.

Physio talking to patient

Knee conditions: evaluating movement toolkit interventions

Integrating a novel portable toolkit into physiotherapy interventions.

Living with skin condition

Measuring the impact of living with serious skin conditions

The development, refinement and use of an impact measure for the disease burden in skin disorders.

zebra crossing

Road safety education for children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD)

Primary school aged children perform more accurately in first person road crossing tasks.

Old people in gym

Using Huntington’s disease clinics to promote physical activity

Exploring how physical activity for people with Huntington’s disease be promoted within specialist HD clinics.

An arm with an IV

Home-based activity for people with lung cancer and established weight loss

Physical activity can improve quality of life for lung cancer patients struggling with weight loss.

End of life care for people with severe mental illness (the MENLOC study)

This project is synthesising research and other evidence relating to end of life care for people with severe mental illness.

Dementia and Diversity Research Project

Dementia care experiences – understanding diversity, implementing equality, creating shared learning

This project aims to understand the different ways in which dementia is experienced by diverse communities (in relation to ethnicity, sexuality and disability) across Wales.