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Research at the School of Healthcare Sciences

We are optimising health and social care across the life course in Wales and beyond, putting people and families at the heart of our research.



Find out about the variety of research projects we're undertaking.

Everyone knows what nursing looks like - don't they? Research carried out by Professor Davina Allen has put the organisational components of nursing work in the spotlight for the first time.

Integrating well-being and behaviour change into dermatology care across the UK.

Personally I have grown in confidence. If someone had told me I would be standing up in front of a 150 people in Cardiff City Hall, chairing a Q&A session when I first started my PhD I would have not believed it!
Nicola Savory Research Associate

Research themes

We are working to optimise well-being in health and illness of people affected by long-term and life limiting conditions in Wales and beyond.

We carry out applied research that seeks to enable and promote healthy living for those experiencing a range of acute and chronic conditions, illnesses and injuries.

Our research provides evidence about current and new ways of organising and delivering services to meet complex health and social care demands.

I like going to the Doctoral Academy's activities to network with other students from different academic disciplines, and take part in regular writing groups and attend various training workshops.
Roaa Sroge, research student


Our research expertise and strategic partnerships enable us to tackle the important healthcare challenges of the 21st century.

Find out how you can make a unique contribution to knowledge and practice within your professional field.

We have established successful partnerships with organisations and researchers globally.

Browse articles, books, reports and papers written by experts in healthcare sciences.

Our researchers work closely with a number of centres and institutes.

Ethical approval must be granted for research involving human participants, material or data.

Cardiff University provides a variety of educational resources and facilities that have helped me to enjoy my academic life. Also as an overseas student with a passion for travelling, I have explored almost every corner of Wales, from the peaks of Snowdonia to the beaches of Tenby!
Minghao Chen, research student