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Improving access to support for those with psoriasis to make lifestyle behaviour changes

Some people living with psoriasis are more at risk for other health conditions including heart disease. They can reduce this risk by adopting healthy lifestyle practices but many need help to do so.

Previously published work identified dermatology healthcare staff are not confident to address this in dermatology consultations and many do not have the skills to do so.

We recognised the need to train specialist practitioners to deliver an integrated approach to psoriasis management to help people reduce their risk. In response we have developed a way of training healthcare practitioners - the PsoWell approach - that is effective and acceptable to them and we now intend to roll this out across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Specially trained well-being ambassadors, dermatology specialists, will use a psychological approach to the holistic management of their patients with psoriasis based on motivational interviewing (MI) techniques. The emphasis will be on enhancing well-being and reducing modifiable risk factors for psoriasis flares and future ill-health.

This study will evaluate this initiative in a number of ways, through interviews with clinicians and patients and observed consultations using high quality measures and approaches to data collection.


This project is funded by the The Psoriasis Association of UK and Northern Ireland.

Lead researcher

Professor Christine Bundy

Professor Christine Bundy

Professor of Health Psychology/Behavioural Medicine; Research Theme Lead - Optimising Well-being in Health and Illness, Management of Long-Term Conditions

+44 (0)29 206 87842