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About us

nurse and physio in conversation
Our expertise encompasses a broad range of professional disciplines

We are dynamic, innovative and forward looking. We are recognised for our excellence in learning, teaching and research.

We are committed to the development of impactful healthcare knowledge that directly improves health outcomes and healthcare for patients and families.

Our activities encompass a broad range of healthcare sciences including: clinical photography, midwifery, nursing (adult, child and mental health), occupational therapy, physiotherapy, perioperative practice and radiography (diagnostic and therapeutic).

We pride ourselves on pursuing research and scholarship of the highest quality, and we are one of the leading healthcare research departments in the UK. We are a centre of excellence which generates internationally distinguished, theoretically informed and empirically rigorous research. This research stands at the forefront of healthcare and policy debates at international, national and local levels.

We aim to have a unique, multidisciplinary nature providing a rounded experience for our students, ensuring they become skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate healthcare professionals committed to an ethos of evidence-based care.