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Cancer immunotherapy: experiences of patients and healthcare professionals

Cancer immunotherapy is a new treatment approach that uses the power of the body’s immune system to treat certain types of cancer.

We still know very little about this treatment and people’s supportive care needs in the context of their everyday lives.

Our knowledge about the experiences and education needs of the nurses and doctors providing care and support for people receiving immunotherapies is also limited. Using in-depth individual interviews with people having immunotherapy treatments, their nurses and junior doctors, this study will start to bridge these gaps.

This study is important, as the use of these drugs will expand as research continues and approval for their use within the National Health Service grows. It will help healthcare professionals to become more aware of the needs of people having this form of cancer treatment. It will also serve as a platform on which to build further research on a larger scale.


This project is funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.

Lead researcher

Dr Tessa Watts

Dr Tessa Watts

Senior Lecturer: Adult Nursing

+44(0)29 225 10963

Research theme

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Optimising well-being and the management of long-term conditions

We are working to optimise well-being in health and illness of people affected by long-term and life limiting conditions in Wales and beyond.