School Research Ethics Committee

Research involving human participants, human material and/or human data is subject to formal ethical review and approval before such work can be started.

School Research Ethics Committee

Our Research and Ethics Committee is responsible for granting ethical approval for non-clinical research involving human participants, material or data.

  • All PhD and Professional Doctorate Student projects.
  • Members of staff undertaking research not requiring HRA ethical approval.
  • Masters students (excluding MSc Advanced Practice).
  • Members of staff undertaking research not requiring HRA ethical approval.

The Committee will also oversee administration of undergraduate research projects.

Please see flow chart below explaining the process.

Application process


To apply for ethical approval you will need to complete the Application for Project and/or School Ethics Approval form and submit to


Copy of application form is forwarded to Lead reviewer for comments. The lead reviewer then completes the Lead Reviewers' form and returns to


When the meeting takes place will depend on when the application was submitted.

Submission and meeting dates

Application submitted byMeeting date
Tuesday 29 August 2017Tuesday 12 September 2017
Tuesday 26 September 2017Tuesday 10 October 2017
Tuesday 31 October 2017Tuesday 14 November 2017
Tuesday 28 November 2017Tuesday 12 December 2017
Tuesday 2 January 2018Tuesday 16 January 2018
Tuesday 31 January 2018

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Tuesday 27 February 2018Tuesday 13 March 2018
Tuesday 27 March 2018Tuesday 10 April 2018
Tuesday 24 April 2018Tuesday 8 May 2018
Tuesday 29 May 2018Tuesday 12 June 2018
Tuesday 26 June 2018Tuesday 10 July 2018
Tuesday 10 July 2018Tuesday 24 July 2018

Committee decision

Application and Lead reviewer comments are considered by the Committee and a decision communicated to applicant within 5 working days of the date of the meeting .

Committee recommendation can include:

  • pass with amendments - amendments to be forwarded to Chair and Lead reviewer for final decision
  • pass proceed with supervisor collaboration - applicant to confirm to Committee Chair minor amendments have been addressed
  • resubmit to relevant Committee once amendments addressed
  • declined - applicant to consider new or altered project with new application submitted to relevant committee.


Research can commence for projects only when ethical approval has been granted.

Ethical approval

Information regarding ethical approval for clinical research involving human participants, material and/or data can be accessed via the NHS Health Research Authority.


Please get in touch for more information:

Healthcare Sciences Ethics Committee