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Celebrating Excellence award trophies

NMHRI technician nominated for University's Excellence Awards

22 Hydref 2015

NMHRI Research Technician Craig Joyce nominated for an Excellence Award.

Photograph of Nick Clifton presenting at the Cognitive Neuroscience breakout session

GW4 Early Career Neuroscientist Day 2015

19 Hydref 2015

This year's GW4 Early Career Neuroscientist Day brought together 116 postgraduates and post-doctoral researchers for a day of talks, posters and networking

Jane Hodge fellows appointed

10 Awst 2015

The Jane Hodge Foundation is supporting the creation of the Jane Hodge Neuroscience Research Fellows Programme here at the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute at Cardiff University. 

Can genetics find a cure for autism

Can genetics find a 'cure' for autism?

10 Awst 2015

We live in an age of genetics. Major genetic success stories such as breakthroughs in treating cystic fibrosis and breast cancer inspire hope that it can one day provide a cure for all ills.

Winner of the President's Poster Prize at BAP

5 Awst 2015

Our very own Wellcome Trust PhD Researcher, Lucy Sykes, scooped the President's Poster Prize this year at the British Association of Psychopharmacology (BAP) summer meeting in July.

Scientists identify that memories can be lost and found

4 Awst 2015

A team of scientists believe they have shown that memories are more robust than we first thought.

Cardiff study shows how early genetic events affect later risk for mental illness

3 Awst 2015

The breakthrough has revealed a vulnerable period in the early stages of the brain’s development that researchers hope can be targeted for future efforts in reversing schizophrenia.

Picture of the speakers at the NMHRI and TWF research day

Research day a success

15 Gorffennaf 2015

The NMHRI were honoured to host a research conference day highlighting many of its projects which have been supported by The Waterloo Foundation.

Image of a child sat alone in a field

Brain scans reveal link between physical abuse and psychotic symptoms in borderline personality disorder

24 Mehefin 2015

A team of scientists from Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh have found that childhood physical abuse may increase psychotic symptoms later in life.

Image of primary school child pipetting food dye

NMHRI hold science club event for primary school

17 Mehefin 2015

The NMHRI hold science club for primary school