Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Genes - green

Gene mutation can cause brain malformation in children

5 Gorffennaf 2017

New research identifies how gene mutation impacts nerve stem cell growth and brain development in unborn babies.

Group photo of CUBRIC fellows

Sêr y dyfodol ym maes MRI microstrwythurol

3 Gorffennaf 2017

Tri chymrawd rhyngwladol o’r radd flaenaf ar eu ffordd i CUBRIC

Hippocampal stem cells, which generate new neurons, growing in a dish in the lab

Schizophrenia: from new brain cells to the immune system

8 Mehefin 2017

Blog: Research Associate Dr Niels Haan unpacks role of neurogenesis and the immune system in schizophrenia.

GW4 with white space

GW4 Early Career Neuroscientist Day 2017

8 Mehefin 2017

ECND brings together researchers from Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Exeter Universities to discuss neuroscience.

Portrait of Jonny Benjamin

Seicosis: taith o obaith a darganfod

6 Mehefin 2017

Jonny Benjamin a Neil Laybourn i gynnal trafodaeth gyhoeddus yn y Brifysgol

Dr Emma Yhnell - HD slogan

Research Fellow nominated as a Rising Star

26 Mai 2017

Womenspire awards scheme shortlists Research Fellow for engagement work and research into Huntington's disease.

camera person

Perceptions of mental illness in the media

26 Mai 2017

Blog by PhD student Rachel Pass examines the complicated relationship between mental illness and the media.


Is choice of milk impacting your child’s IQ?

22 Mai 2017

Professor of Nutritional Medicine Margaret P Rayman explores iodine development in pregnant women.

Photograph of a man on an exercise bike in front of an MRI scanner

Exercising for your brain

19 Mai 2017

 Dr Jessica Steventon is investigating the relationship between exercise and the brain in relation to Huntington's disease.

Father and young daughter

‘Hereditary HD gene cast a shadow over our lives’

19 Mai 2017

BRAIN Involve member Pam Thomas speaks out about her fears of inheriting and passing on Huntington's disease.