Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Pro-choice motion – Cardiff University Students’ Union

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

This is a matter for the Students’ Union, not Cardiff University. The Students’ Union is a separate organisation to the University.

Below is a statement from Jackie Yip, Students’ Union President:

At our annual members meeting [21st November 2019], over 800 students took part in a debate over the Students’ Unions position on abortion rights and bodily autonomy. The meeting overwhelmingly resolved that the Union should take a pro-choice stance and advocate this to its members. It is deliberately misleading to suggest that the Union has, or will, attempt to censor students’ rights to hold or promote different views. We reject the false narrative being promoted by individuals and organisations who are seeking to undermine the freedom of expression of our students.

With 33,000+ students at Cardiff University, there is a wide range of debate and opinion that takes place on a variety of topics. Students’ Unions have a proud history of debating both political and sensitive topics. Freedom of expression and the ability to form such stances have ensured education institutions have contributed to key debates in society.

Many SU’s across the country will have both a pro-choice stance and will also have multiple affiliated student groups who hold opposing views. It is simply not true to suggest that student groups will now be silenced, have activity censored, or be unable to exist in the first place.

The Students’ Union has since met with the Students for Life society and reassured them about their future in the Union, they will continue to exist with the support of the Students’ Union, as with all other affiliated groups. We encourage all students to engage in sensitive debates in respectful way and condemn any behaviours that cause threat or abuse.