Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Gweithio gyda’n myfyrwyr

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Working with our undergraduate and postgraduate students may bring new ideas, perspective and skills to your organisation, while also helping to support students’ learning.

These activities will also benefit your organisation by raising your profile among our talented student body, and potentially boosting your graduate recruitment. Some options may offer limited access to School facilities. The cost and duration of these activities will vary depending on the type of projects you are interested in pursuing.

Placements and projects

You can employ a student at your organisation during the summer period or on a sandwich/year in industry placement for a full academic year where they could carry out a small research project or solve a problem. In addition to a new perspective this provides a short-term additional resource for your organisation, and often results in the best students going on to work with your company when they graduate.

Both options offer the opportunity to contribute to engineering education whilst offering a fresh perspective on a business task as part of the students’ studies. You can support an undergraduate student to carry out research for your organisation while postgraduate group projects offer an interesting challenge to a group of Masters level students who can undertake an intensive piece of work tackling more challenging topics. This can raise your organisation’s profile with some of our high achieving students and can result in continuing mutually beneficial relationships.

Sponsorship or bursary

Students can be interviewed and selected beforehand with the prospect of joining the company when they graduate.


Support a student from their second year until they graduate, with the option of employment during the summer and a final year project topic from the company. Students are usually selected based on first year performance with the prospect of joining the company when they graduate.

Masters and MPhil

Supporting a Masters student in a specific engineering area taught degree for one year or an MPhil (research degree) student for one year with the possibility of extending the research by an additional two years towards a PhD.


Funding of a PhD student for three years on a specific research project providing full time engagement and detailed results. Students will already have a degree and can be selected from anywhere in the world.


Prizes can address a small industry-relevant problem or challenge and can lead to quick and innovative solutions. They can also reward achievements such as the best project, dissertation or paper in an area of interest to your company. The prize can be money, vouchers or in-kind such as a new computer.

Support learning and recruit graduates

We welcome the contribution of external experts to support learning around real life engineering challenges and graduate recruitment. Options include:

  • providing demo components, software or equipment
  • offering mentoring opportunities
  • offering site visits
  • attending our career fairs as well as advertising your vacancies or graduate programmes
  • delivering talks on developments at and opportunities with your company.