Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

2017 public lectures

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Listings and videos of our seminar series in 2017.

Professor Nasar Meer

Liberal Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Muslims in Europe

1 February 2017

Video of Professor Nasar Meer's lecture

Nasar Meer is Professor of Comparative Citizenship and Social Policy at the University of Strathclyde.  In 2016 he was awarded the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s (RSE) Thomas Reid Medal for Excellence.

Website: www.nasarmeer.com

Riyaz Timol

Spiritual Wayfarers in a Secular Age: The Tablighi Jama’at in Modern Britain

15 February 2017

Video of Riyaz Timol's lecture

Riyaz Timol has just completed a PhD at the Islam-UK Centre, Cardiff University, and supervises undergraduate dissertations in Islamic Studies at Manchester University. His disciplinary approach is within the sociology of religion and his research interests include ethnographic methodology, intergenerational transmission of Islam in Britain and the relationship of Islam with modernity.

Professor Reina Lewis

Modest Fashion Politics: The Challenges of Defending Choice

1 March 2017

Video of Professor Reina Lewis' lecture

Reina Lewis is Artscom Centenary Professor of Cultural Studies at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. She has written and edited books and articles on Muslim fashion, and is a frequent media commentator for leading broadcasting corporations and publications.

Dr Daniel DeHanas

Losing Faith in the State? Muslim Youth Politics in the East End of London

15 March 2017

Video of Dr Daniel DeHanas' lecture

Daniel Nilsson DeHanas is Lecturer in Political Science and Religion at King’s College, London. His research investigates the influences of post-migration religion – Islam and Christianity – on subjective belonging, political participation, contemporary governance, and transnational networks.

Batool Al-Toma

Conversion to Islam – Impacting the Dynamics of Muslim Communities in Britain?

29 March 2017

Video of Batool Al-Toma's lecture

Batool Al-Toma is Director of the New Muslims Project (NMP), a UK-based service supporting converts to Islam. As part of the NMP, Batool has initiated and produced several research reports. She was a member of the Cambridge University Theology Board that produced Contextualising Islam in Britain (2009), and is the UK representative for the European Muslim Network (EMN) thinktank in Brussels.