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Dis-used spaces

disused area

The project helped to highlight local buildings and their features and spaces currently considered disused, as well as looking at their potential and value to the community.

The idea

With an exhibition in the local area, the project may benefit those with an interest in the history of Grangetown and it's future, preserving the existing architecture and creating a better place to live. Cardiff University can support collaboration with researchers, working with students and provide financial support for the project.

What we did

This project was developed in order to explore urban 'non-spaces' and repurposed environments with architecture students and the Grangetown community through visual art interventions, leading to a site-specific exhibition in Grangetown.

The project helped to draw attention to and enhance the area's overlooked features and public spaces using a creative perspective.

The project placed Grangetown-specific contemporary art on the doorsteps of residents, as well as offering the community the opportunity to have their say and contribute to the project during the research phase.


  • Residents learnt more about the history and potential of disused spaces in their area
  • A public exhibition was developed in the heart of a diverse community which has no art venue or public art exhibition space
  • A permanent project legacy was produced in the form of a 100 free 20-page colour booklets which documented the project for the Grangetown community
  • Cardiff University architecture students and students on work experience from Fitzalen high school were provided with experience of working with members of the community, an arts organisation and one another
  • The University developed new links with partner organisation Art Shell, Cardiff Council and Grangetown Local History Society
  • Community members were able to take ownership of their more neglected local spaces and consider their history and their potential
  • Local residents were able to celebrate a sense of pride in their area
  • A number of new creative visual responses, jointly informed by community members and students were created as a result of collaborative research with community members, Art Shell and Grangetown Historical Society.