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Communication without barriers

Grangetown is one of the most diverse areas of Wales and many local people have told us this is what they love about it.

With so many cultures and communities living in one area, communication, understanding and acceptance were felt to be very important to many local people.

Grangetown residents have suggested the following ideas to ensure mutual understanding and respect in the community.

Live projects

The Grange News

Local newspaper

A revamp of the local newspaper and ensuring it's financially sustainable.

Philosophy Café

Philosophy Café

Providing a safe space to discuss values and beliefs.

Somali Needs 2

Somali community needs

Working in partnership to build a knowledge-base of Somali community needs in the city.

social media

Media Champions

Developing communications to create a better informed community.

Ideas from the community

Reuel Elijah

Music for Change

Organising and resourcing a cultural music event for the community.

on air sign

Community Radio

Helping set-up and run a local radio station.