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Provision for young people

Grangetown has a huge population of young people and Community Gateway, through the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum, aims to connect these young people with projects and opportunities at Cardiff University and the community.

The views of young people are hugely important to the Community Gateway team and we acknowledge that a platform for them to express themselves is vitally important to the future of Grangetown and the project.


Promoting academic excellence within the Grangetown community (PACE)

Stimulating academic development and encouraging aspirations

Boy with hand on chest in red top

Youth Forum

Providing the young people of Grangetown with lots of new opportunities and activities.

Career and Role Model

Grangetown Career and Role Models week

Raising aspirations by connecting young people with mentors, experts and opportunities.

Grangetown Primary School Students

Past projects

Learn more about some of our past projects.