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Three Community Engagement volunteers talking

To suggest or get involved in any of our projects listed, get in touch:

Community Gateway

Project selection criteria

The range of projects Community Gateway selects to receive funding and/or support should aim to:

  • Impact on a wide range of people in the community and University
  • Represent key demographics in the community and interdisciplinary areas in the University
  • Contribute to at least one of the following 9 community aspirations
  • Have both a community and University lead
  • Be able to demonstrate the intended social, cultural or economic results of the proposed idea or be willing to work with Community Gateway to develop planning and evaluation procedures
  • Have a connection to potential world-class research, teaching or student/staff development opportunities within the University
  • Be willing to collaborate with other Community Gateway projects
  • Demonstrate longer-term plans to sustain the project or have some kind of legacy
  • Be delivered in Grangetown where appropriate
  • Engage in PR opportunities for Community Gateway and Grangetown
  • Be willing to write up the project as a 1 page case study on completion of the project