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Working together

Community Gateway is delivering positive and practical results in Grangetown as a result of our creative, collaborative and long-term partnership working with individual residents, local businesses and established organisations.

We work to build support for community led initiatives (including existing services and projects) combining university and community expertise to deliver positive and practical results. They include a Youth Forum, a Careers and Role Model Week, Safe Grangetown, Road Respect and more.

Academic schools from across the university are also invited in to work on relevant projects and our Steering Group is made up of both Cardiff University and Grangetown representatives.

Our work is led by the Welsh School of Architecture whose students at undergraduate and postgraduate level have worked closely on live teaching projects as buildings and urban spaces in Grangetown have developed.

Together we aim to:

  • invest in nine social, environmental or economic themes chosen by the communities of Grangetown
  • provide easy access for Grangetown communities and members of the university to work together
  • increase awareness of the skills and resources available at the university for the communities of Grangetown
  • engage with Grangetown residents to identify high-impact and world-class research, teaching and volunteering opportunities for the university which meet local needs and help make Grangetown an even better place to live