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International undergraduate students

We welcome international applicants to our BSc and MChem courses.

The School of Chemistry offers a range of undergraduate degree programmes, leading to either BSc (three years' study) or MChem (four years' study) qualifications. The first two years' study is the same for both.

We aim to provide a well-rounded learning experience through high quality teaching, facilities and support to remove barriers from learning. Each course is spread over two semesters and follows a modular format which includes elements of practical work, workshops and tutorials.

Our BSc and MChem schemes both offer the opportunity of a year working in industry, and the MChem scheme additionally offers the chance to spend a year in an overseas university research laboratory. Please visit our BSc or MChem degree scheme pages for more information.

Full details of current tuition fees for our undergraduate degree schemes are available here. Please use the figures for Science degrees.

The University offers scholarships to help international students with the cost of study. Please visit the International Scholarship page, for more information. You should also check to see if your own government can provide support for your studies in Cardiff.

We welcome applications to our undergraduate courses from students with suitable qualifications in Chemistry and related disciplines. Each applicant's offer will be personal and specific to their country of study. If you have any queries regarding the suitability of your qualifications, please contact the Admissions Tutor

If English is not your first language, we will also require evidence of your proficiency in English. Full details of acceptable qualifications are available on the University website.

The University also offers numerous English language courses to allow you to develop your skills in this area, or to achieve the level required for entry to degree programmes. These courses run either before or alongside your academic studies. More information can be found on the relevant English Language course webpages.

The School of Chemistry accepts the English for University Study and Pre-sessional Programmes as entry qualifications, and does not require a separate IELTS test prior to entry.

Ziyao Lu

As a peaceful and friendly town, Cardiff is an ideal place for study. Fitting in the School of Chemistry here is fairly easy as help is accessible nearly everywhere and everything contributes to building a suitable environment to study here, especially as it's quite enjoyable to read in the Science Library. Besides, the living cost here is more affordable than other cities in UK. With its friendly people and beautiful land, it’s fantastic to lead a student life here in Cardiff.


All enquiries should be addressed to the Admissions Tutor:

Dr Tom Tatchell

Dr Tom Tatchell

Education and Students Manager

+44 (0)29 2087 0759