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Our courses are designed to help you achieve your maximum potential.

We combine excellent teaching, facilities and support to remove barriers from learning. Each course is spread over two semesters and follows a modular format which includes elements of practical work, workshops and tutorials.

Three students taking part in a lab experiment

BSc Chemistry courses

These courses offer a broad coverage of chemistry, providing the foundation for pursuing a career in chemistry or related discipline.

Student in CDT Laboratory

MChem Chemistry courses

These courses offer a more detailed knowledge and thorough experience of the subject, required for pursuing a professional career in chemistry.

For the first two years, there are commonalities between taught material in our MChem and BSc degrees, offering the maximum opportunity to move between schemes (subject to academic performance).

Both schemes offer the opportunity of a year in industry and the MChem scheme additionally offers the chance to spend a year in an overseas university research laboratory.

It not only gave me the experience of actually working in the industry but meant that when I completed my studies at Cardiff, I didn't have to look too far to find my first full time employment.

Aaron Davies Chemistry with industrial experience course