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Based on our vision of scientific excellence, we dedicate a proportion of our time to outreach events, where we can share our research with other sectors of society.

Our scientists reach out to the general public to share the revelations of cutting-edge research, provide valuable educational materials for teachers, and to inspire the young scientists of tomorrow.

Public engagement events

Key events combine our fundamental research with the natural enthusiasm of our staff to share the excitement of their research.

Our projects of wider interest (including those in environment, sustainability, energy, and security) lend themselves naturally to public outreach, making our fundamental research readily accessible to non-expert audiences.

We develop a range of activities suitable for primary, secondary and sixth-form students, ranging from exciting demonstrations of chemical reactions to interesting and informative public lectures and events. Here are just some of our activities:

Public lectures

Public lectures

Chemistry Captured

Chemistry Captures is a valuable e-learning resource of high quality videos of chemical reactions that would be difficult to demonstrate in schools. Produced by Cardiff's Professor Peter Edwards and Mr Peter Hollamby in conjunction with the Royal Society of Chemistry.



Potions is one of our primary school outreach activities, and provides pupils with an opportunity to conduct their own chemistry investigation and learn about acids and alkalis through an experiment.

Chemistry in the 3rd Dimension

Chemistry in the 3rd Dimension is an immersive 3D chemistry workshop delivered through our portable 3D cinema.


Our participation at engaging public events spans the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, New Scientist Live, Manchester Science Festival, Harwell Open Day and numerous events at the National Museum of Wales, Soap Box Science and Pint of Science.

We attended the 2017 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition to successfully showcase our research to thousands of visitors, engaging the next generation of chemists.

Watch the 2017 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Community and culture

Additionally, we participate in the University's community projects, funded through First Campus and Trio Sci Cymru, and host the fortnightly meetings of the Cardiff Scientific Society, an external organization that aims to educate and enlighten members of the public on the latest scientific discoveries.

Our research can be seen in important Welsh culture; for example, the design of the 2018 Eisteddfod Crown for the iconic Eisteddfod incorporated aspects of the University’s research, involving quasiperiodic tiling patterns based on research in quasicrystal chemistry.

Members of the School also regularly contribute to programmes on national and local (Wales) BBC radio and television, such as In Our Time and The Life Scientific, and we target a wider audience through platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Dr David Willock, the director of engagement for the School of Chemistry oversees the engagement programme.

Dr Dayna Mason, the Royal Society of Chemistry's Education Coordinator in Wales is a member of staff at the School, who helps us maximise the educational benefits of these programmes.