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Our research expertise, state of the art facilities and strategic partnerships enable us to tackle the important scientific challenges of the 21st century.

Our strategic research sections focus on the following key themes that allow us to respond to the grand scientific challenges and help our research deliver global impact:

These sections also help foster research collaboration on an international scale, as we work in partnership with many leading universities, research institutes and global industries.

Cardiff Catalysis Institute

A further cross-cutting structure, fully embedded within the School, is the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI), led by Professor G J Hutchings FRS. It was established in 2008 as a focus for research across catalytic sciences (heterogeneous, homogeneous and biological catalysis), and it is now one of the prestigious University Research Institutes (URI). Members of the CCI are drawn from all three research sections.

Our collaborations

We collaborate widely within the School and also with the Academic Schools of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biosciences, Dentistry, Physics and Astronomy, Medicine, Mathematics and Engineering. We also work with other leading UK and international universities all around the world. Our strong collaborations with UK and international businesses are wide reaching and impact globally.

Our facilities

Following over £20 million investment in Chemistry by Cardiff University in recent years, and with extensive support from research councils and industry, our research facilities provide a superb environment for research excellence. We have all the analytical equipment and infrastructure you would want to find in a modern and dynamic Chemistry department.