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Research at the School of Chemistry

Our research expertise, state of the art facilities, and strategic partnerships enable us to tackle the important scientific challenges of the 21st century, contribute to national economic growth, and deliver global impact.

Research sections and themes

Our research is divided into five research sections and six key research themes. These drive our continued growth and help to foster research collaboration on an international scale, as we work in partnership with many leading universities, research institutes and global industries.

Our fixed research sections each represent a critical mass of people with similar research expertise and interest, and our flexible, multi-disciplinary teams. Our cross-sectional research themes are more dynamic in comparison, evolving as they respond to new challenges and opportunities.

Research ethics

Research integrity training is mandatory for all academic staff and postgraduate research students to ensure we comply with all ethics protocols.

An ethics officer is responsible for:

  • managing ethical issues through the School’s Research Ethics Committee (SREC)
  • reporting outcomes to our University Open Research Integrity and Ethics Committee (ORIEC).

The SREC considers research proposals involving human participants, human material or human data. In order to comply with standard procedures, all researchers regularly update the Committee by providing written reports with a retrospective review on project completion.

Cardiff Catalysis Institute

Established in 2008, our flagship Cardiff Catalysis Institute cuts across and draws membership from all research sections.

Integrating researchers from across the School and focused both on the fundamental understanding and the strategic application of catalysis, the Institute has contributed to making many processes (both in the academic research lab and in industrial large-scale reactors) faster, cleaner, economically more viable and more sustainable.

Designated as a research institute at Cardiff University, in recognition of its international achievements and reputation, it has collectively raised over £28M and generated over 850 publications since 2014.

The Institute is now one of the lead institutions for major international catalysis initiatives, serving not only as a driver for catalytic science, but also enabling staff to collectively form unique partnerships that address diverse multidisciplinary research challenges.