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Cognitive neuroscience

A girl engages in a cognitive testing task on a computer

Cognitive neuroscience is a discipline at the interface of systems neuroscience, computational neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

A thriving community of cognitive neuroscientists at the Centre uses a combination of psychophysics, computational modeling and multimodal brain imaging (fMRI, dMRI, MRS, MEG, TMS and tDCS) to understand the biological foundations of key cognitive abilities.

These include:

  • memory
  • social cognition
  • perception
  • decision-making
  • the control of action.

Translational cognitive neuroscience studies examine the:

  • breakdown of cognition in neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • cognitive phenotypes linking polygenic disease risk to brain structure and function throughout the life course
  • neuroplasticity in response to cognitive training, sleep engineering and brain stimulation.