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Student helping a study participant prepare for a brain scan

Research in the Centre allows us to undertake cutting-edge methods research and apply this to key psychological and clinical questions.


Learn more about the research topics we're exploring, including cognitive neuroscience and those associated with sleeping.


Find out about the research projects we're currently working on.


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Sign up to take part in one of our many world-leading brain imaging studies.

Child and adolescent study

Information about our child and adolescent study, and how your child can take part.

Promoting open science and reproducibility

There is growing recognition that the incentive structure in psychology and neuroscience undermines reproducibility by encouraging publication bias, significance chasing, low statistical power, hindsight bias, lack of replication and lack of data sharing.

Together with our external partners, including the Center for Open Science, we are committed to developing solutions that reward best practice in hypothesis-driven science, including the Registered Reports initiative and the Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) guidelines.