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Our research facilities include one of Europe’s most powerful brain scanners, as well as a purpose-built environment for patients and volunteers taking part in medical research and clinical trials.

A participant lies in an MRI scanner while a male and female researcher operate the scanner

Magnetic resonance imaging labs

We have four MRI laboratories with a powerful combination of equipment that makes it one of the top brain imaging facilities in Europe.

Electrodes wires run from a box to a female participant's head as she sits in the MEG scanner. A male researcher attaches the electrodes to the participant's head.

Magnetoencephalography labs

Our magnetoencephalography (MEG) labs offer an optimised environment for clinical and pharmacological studies of the brain’s oscillatory dynamics.

a female participant has a blue and red electrode cap on her head with numerous electrodes and wires attached for brain imaging

Electroencephalography labs

We have three electroencephalography (EEG) labs, as well as hair washing-facilities and dedicated preparation areas for study participants.

Man holding a tracking device to a woman's head.

Brain stimulation labs

We host four laboratories dedicated to state-of-the-art brain stimulation technology.

Woman with her head in a cognitive testing device

Cognitive testing labs

Our ten laboratories for cognitive testing include a flexible space for large-screen projection, movement tracking or virtual reality, and spaces for computer-based tasks.

Woman lying on a consultation table as a man touches her forearm with gloves.

Clinical unit and sleep labs

Our clinical research unit is a purpose-built environment for patients and volunteers taking part in medical research and clinical trials.

a technical expert uses specialist machinery in the CUBRIC workshop

Workshop and 3D printing

The workshop allows our expert staff to design, repair and create specialist equipment to support our brain imaging research.

Data storage

High performance computing

High performance computing allows researchers to find results that would take years of computations on standard computers within hours or days.

Three white mannequin heads with colourful blue and red EEG caps with places for electrodes to be fitted

Use our facilities

Find out how you can use our facilities for research, clinical or commercial purposes.