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Our research projects harness a range of neuroimaging techniques to transform our knowledge of the working brain.

The following projects represent a sample of the research which is currently underway.

CUBRIC’s Siemens Prisma 3T scanners.

Multi-scale and multi-modal assessment of coupling in the healthy and diseased brain

We're deepening our understanding of how different brain systems interact with each other and how differences in these interactions impact on brain function and behaviour.

a colourful scan of the brain's microscopic scale

Developing new MRI methods for quantifying tissue structure at the microscopic scale

The principal approach for this project looks at how fine tissue structure impedes the movement of water.

two researchers analyse a brain scan in the MR control room

Connecting gene discovery and genomics to imaging signals

To advance experimental medicine, better measurements of brain structure and function are needed to understand underlying disease mechanisms.


Cross-scanner and cross-protocol diffusion MRI data harmonisation

Our aim is to increase the statistical power of clinical studies by combining datasets from different MRI scanners by MRI data harmonisation.