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Our research aims to have a direct impact on understanding human health and wellbeing, including the changes in the brain that lead to disordered cognition and mental health.

A clinician and patient in a clinical consultation

Clinical neuroimaging

We're advancing understanding of the mechanisms of brain disorders, evaluating protocols for monitoring disease and more.

A girl engages in a cognitive testing task on a computer

Cognitive neuroscience

We apply a combination of psychophysics, computational modeling and multimodal brain imaging to understand the biological foundations of key cognitive abilities.

a male researcher attached electrodes to a female participants head to prepare for a brain imaging study

Cognitive electrophysiology

Our research examines the ways in which episodic retrieval is constrained, directed and controlled.

A male MRI researcher applies a headpiece to the bedof the mri scanner in which a female participant lies

Functional magnetic resonance imaging

We're employing this technique to map a wide range of brain functions in basic and clinical neuroscience research.

A female participant sits in a big white MEG scanner while a male researcher prepares the experiment

Mapping the brain's electrical activity

We use cortical oscillations as markers of cognitive function in health and diseases such as epilepsy, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.

A male participant prepares to slide a female participant into the bore of a white mri scanner

Microstructural imaging

We utilise multiple imaging contrasts to quantify different aspects of white matter.

a researcher places a brain stimulation coil on the head of a male participant. The brain image is displayed on a computer screen in the background.

Non-invasive brain stimulation methods

Find out about the techniques we're using to study perception, attention and higher cognition.

Male participant sleeping in sleep lab bed

Sleep research

We're working on ways to enhance memory, disarm negative emotions and combat cognitive decline through ageing.