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Community outreach

We work collaboratively with public, community and civic groups across all bioscience disciplines to enhance the quality of our educational and research activities.

Get involved

We have developed a wide range of interactive activities to excite and encourage young learners and increase public awareness of our research and the biosciences.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) loan box

This A level biology outreach activity provides hands-on learning directly in your classroom with relevant equipment, reagents, protocols and powerpoints all included on a temporary loan basis. The Polymerase Chain Reaction loan box can usually be additionally supported by a researcher and/or undergraduate students.

Activities for More Able and Talented (MAT)

Our online resources for teaching MAT (or top set) groups include real-life research data for the students to analyse and interpret. The challenging exercises can be worked on independently and involve analysing actual scientific data.

Wales Brain Bee

This competition is held in the University and is open to Year 12 students to test their knowledge of neuroscience through an interactive mix of practical lab work, video clips and written exercises. The winner of each competition is eligible to be part of the annual International Brain Bee final.

Fascination of Plants day

Join "Plants for Life" researchers from the School of Biosciences at our hands-on stand to celebrate the international Fascination of Plants day. Extract DNA from strawberries, match seeds to foods and other products, identify plants by their smell, observe plants up close and see carnivorous plants in action.

Open days

Whether you are a prospective student or just interested in what we do, why not visit us on one of our open days.

Cancer Awareness Activity

This highly interactive and visual outreach activity is run by a team of School of Biosciences student facilitators. It aims to demystify this complex disease, highlighting risk factors, why cancers form and how they can spread through the body, as well as existing and possible future treatments. This includes showcasing research from our European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute. This activity includes questions directly linked with either the GCSE or A level biology specification.

Super Science Saturday

Join scientists from Cardiff University, the National Museum and the Society of Biology at our annual interactive event in the National Museum to celebrate Biology and Earth Sciences Weeks in October. From carnivorous plants to fossils to medical dilemmas, there are activities on offer for all the family.

Curriculum Support

Find out more about the curriculum-linked school engagement activities we offer.


To find out more about our work in the community, please get in touch: