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Community outreach

We work collaboratively with public, community and civic groups across all bioscience disciplines to enhance the quality of our educational and research activities.

Get involved

We have developed a wide range of interactive activities to excite and encourage young learners and increase public awareness of our research and the biosciences.

Fascination of Plants day

Join "Plants for Life" researchers from the School of Biosciences at our hands-on stand to celebrate the international Fascination of Plants day. Extract DNA from strawberries, match seeds to foods and other products, identify plants by their smell, observe plants up close and see carnivorous plants in action.

Medicines Discovery Unit

The Medicines Discovery Institute (MDI) is a bridge between the basic science developed at Cardiff University, and the clinical research required to establish the safety and effectiveness of a new drug. Their staff are regularly involved with engagement and community outreach to encourage young learners and raise public awareness of drug discovery. Contact the MDI directly to find out more.

Water Research Institute

The Water Research Institute aims to address the grand challenge of  sustainable water management for people and ecosystems in a changing world. The team run events for early career and water researchers, and are always happy to be contacted directly regarding outreach activities.

Cardiff University Hedgehog Friendly Campus team

Do you have hedgehogs visiting your garden or your school? Do you want to find out more about our prickly friends? Do you want to become a mammal detective and a hedgehog hero? Then these sessions might be for you!

Hedgehogs are an iconic British species and have been voted the country’s favourite mammal. Their populations have declined by 50% in rural areas and 30% in urban areas in the last 20 years. As part of the Hedgehog Friendly Campus campaign at Cardiff University, our team offers interactive online sessions to primary and secondary schools across the country, in-person school sessions locally, and presence at community events.

ARKS of the 21st Century (provided by the Frozen Ark team)

Ever questioned how we’re going to rescue animals that are facing extinction? The Frozen Ark team invite you to find out more about the biodiversity crisis and how the frozen “ARKS” of the 21st Century are working together to help safeguard the DNA, tissues, and cells of endangered animals and other wildlife, contributing to their conservation.

With extinction comes a great loss of information about the animal’s biology, ecology, and evolutionary history. Help the team find animals and successfully store their genetic material in their biobank before it’s too late. Become a scientist and help save a species today! 

The Frozen Ark team offers ARKS of the 21st Century activities to community events, interactive online sessions to primary and secondary schools across the country, and in-person school sessions locally. Part of an international network of biobanks, Frozen Ark is supported by several School of Biosciences researchers.

Open days

Whether you are a prospective student or just interested in what we do, why not visit us on one of our open days.

Curriculum Support

Find out more about the curriculum-linked school engagement activities we offer.