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Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Watch our Cardiff University Hedgehog Friendly Campus video

Hedgehog Friendly Campus is a national campaign to make university campuses better habitats for hedgehogs. Cardiff University has been awarded Hedgehog Friendly Campus Silver Accreditation.

In the UK, the number of hedgehogs has fallen by at least 30% in urban gardens since 2000, with less than 1 million hedgehogs left in the wild. There are many factors contributing to hedgehog decline, including environmental poisons, litter, road traffic accidents, and loss of habitat. In the face of such loss, it is vital that we take every action possible to save one of the country’s most iconic and beloved animals.

As part of the Ecosystem Resilience and Biodiversity Action Plan (ERBAP), we have signed up to the Hedgehog Friendly Campus scheme, a national campaign to make university campuses better habitats for hedgehogs. University campuses cover large areas of land, which are often potentially suitable habitats for hedgehogs. Hedgehog Friendly Campus recognises that how universities use this land can have a big impact on hedgehog populations.

Watch hedgehog trail camera footage taken on Cardiff University's campus

We officially launched the campaign at Cardiff University in March 2021. In January 2022 we were awarded Hedgehog Friendly Campus Bronze Accreditation and in February 2023 we were awarded Silver Accreditation. We have a Hedgehog Friendly Campus working group made up of staff and students, and throughout the year we have held events to raise awareness, share latest research, fundraise, and provide help for hedgehogs living in campus areas. These events include regular litter picks, education campaigns, online talks by experts, engagement with primary school children and community groups, and hedgehog surveys, as well as creating wildlife corners with log/leaf piles, bug hotels and hedgehog houses.

Other direct measures to aid hedgehogs on campus are also being carried out, such as ensuring that they always have access to water sources and installing more ‘hedgehog homes’ on campus grounds. We are currently working towards achieving the gold level of Hedgehog Friendly Campus Accreditation.

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