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Research and scholarship groups

Our expertise is clustered into five main areas, taking the form of a series of research and scholarship groups.

The groups help to bring staff and postgraduate research students together around particular themes and methodologies, increase the synergies between research and teaching, identify opportunities for collaborative research and build the school’s inclusive research culture. They also each run an events series that may include book launches and seminars involving guest speakers.

Computational Methods in Architecture Group

We are enhancing architectural design, analysis, and production through advanced digital methods.

Landscape image of an Indian town with mountains in background

Urbanism Group

We bring researchers together to explore the role of urbanism in the creative shaping of urban places and public spaces.

History, Heritage and Conservation

We work collaboratively to tackle crucial issues relating to our historic environment, both in theory and practice, including sustainability; the climate crisis; decolonisation; and equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

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Energy, Environment and People

We work together to develop evidence-based solutions to critical issues of energy and sustainability within the built environment.

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Design research and professional practice

Our research enhances the global understanding of the role and value of design to shape the built environment in sustainable ways.