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Research and Scholarship Groups

Our six Research and Scholarship Groups reflect the diversity of specialisations within our School. The groups help to bring staff and postgraduate research students together, aligning research activities with specific clusters of knowledge and increasing the synergy between research and teaching.

These inclusive groups sustain and support our research culture, help to mentor and nurture our research students and early career researchers as well as organising research events, running internal grant-peer review processes and joint applications.


Computational Methods in Architecture

Enhancing architectural design through the use of innovative computational methods.

Peter Salter

Design, Practice, Materials and Making

Research related to design, practice, materials and making

Refitted low-carbon Swansea bungalows

Energy, Environments and People

The built environment and those who occupy it need to maximise opportunities that limit the impacts of climate change whilst providing safe and healthy places for people to live and work.


History and Theory

The epicentre of humanities research at the Welsh School of Architecture.


Heritage and Conservation

Seeking to forge bridges between the critical philosophical and technical challenges of contemporary building conservation, our group addresses the future role of cultural heritage as an inclusive cultural resource that drives sustainable development through a principle of “do no harm”.



The Urbanism Research and Scholarship Group (URSG) brings together researchers with a focus on the role of urbanism in the creative shaping of urban places and public spaces in cities of the global South and North.