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Design research and professional practice

Our research enhances the global understanding of the role and value of design to shape the built environment in sustainable ways.

By promoting critical design research and professional practice within architecture we can address some of the grand challenges facing society and the planet.

Our research group brings together experts working in creative practice, practice-based and practice-led design research as well as research related to the practice of architecture and scholarship within architectural pedagogy and practice.

Together we explore the intersections of academic and professional domains; architectural agency and the shape of the architectural profession; and the shifting landscape of architectural research, education and professional development. By connecting original, rigorous academic research to external communities of practice in the wider construction industry, we are influencing design change and impact within architecture.


This year's projects

Last year's projects

  • Peter Salter’s Walmer Yard
  • Actions to Decarbonise Existing Homes in Wales

Next steps


Research that matters

Our research makes a difference to people’s lives as we work across disciplines to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy and our environment.


Postgraduate research

Our research degrees give the opportunity to investigate a specific topic in depth among field-leading researchers.


Our research impact

Our research case studies highlight some of the areas where we deliver positive research impact.