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Energy, Environment and People

We work together to develop evidence-based solutions to critical issues of energy and sustainability within the built environment.

Our group is dedicated to exploring the intricate interplay of energy and environmental performance in human-centric architecture and urban design.

Our collective expertise spans a wide spectrum of domains, encompassing building energy efficiency and performance, indoor air quality and health, human psychology and behaviour, urban microclimates, smart building and cities, as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation in the built environment.


White cottage on Anglesey

Public Map Platform

Aiming to empower communities through an adaptable platform that integrates diverse voices into spatial data.

Increasing urban overheating risk from cooling decarbonisation by heat pumps

Exploring the potential exacerbation of urban overheating risks in the UK due to the increased adoption of heat pumps for cooling.

Urban Climate Walk Reading

A research-led walk that leads diverse audiences through a series of streets and public spaces in Reading.

Climate Service for Resilience to Overheating Risk in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Enhancing the resilience of Colombo, Sri Lanka, against increasing heatwave risks.

Heat resilient Reading for vulnerable population

Aiming to quantify the urban overheating risk and vulnerability in Reading, UK.

Air quality in primary schools

Indoor Air Quality toolkit for Primary Schools

This EPSRC IAA project is an interdisciplinary impact project that will support schools to maintain healthy well-ventilated classrooms and indoor spaces.

Swansea Councils new build housing

Long term evaluation of Swansea Councils new build housing

Building and systems monitoring work being carried out by WSA will provide Swansea Council with evidence regarding the benefits of incorporating low carbon solutions into their new homes.

Press front page survey

Developing a practical retrofit early-stage survey tool to inform the decision-making process for existing homes

A practical retrofit early-stage survey tool - PRESS 1 - has been developed for the domestic sector following a review of existing survey tools.

Decision making in regenerative design

Decision-making in regenerative design and development

Focusing on pushing the built environment beyond net-zero towards regenerating and restoring it.

In-home device

Social housing research on energy from Welsh data (SHREWD)

An energy database for social housing in Wales to inform housing and energy efficiency policies.

Outdoor air quality sensor

South Wales indoor and outdoor air quality

Comparing outdoor and indoor air quality in Bridgend, South Wales.

Sustainability and design quality

The central role of architectural precedent in sustainable architectural design

Promoting critical evolution through an integration of the language of sustainability and design quality.

Hassett 2020 case study house

Use of storage and renewable electricity generation to reduce domestic and transport carbon emissions

This project investigates the whole life energy, carbon and cost of an integrated renewable energy generation system.


Energy Revolution Research Consortium: EnergyREV

The EnergyREV Consortium will demonstrate how to deliver an equitable move to a zero-carbon future whilst enhancing the UK economy.

Anaheim chillies

Urban food growing – what are our options?

How can people reduce the impact of their food?


CircuBED - Applying the circular economy to the design of social housing

Investigating the implementation of a circular economy in cities.

Meet the team

Picture of Eleni Ampatzi

Dr Eleni Ampatzi

Senior Lecturer, Director of Postgraduate Learning & Teaching

+44 29208 74603
Picture of Satish Bk

Dr Satish Bk

Senior Lecturer in Architectural Tectonics & Senior Personal Tutor

+44 29208 79400
Picture of Zhiwen Luo

Professor Zhiwen Luo

Chair in Architectural and Urban Science

+44 29208 70463
Picture of Joanne Patterson

Professor Joanne Patterson

Professorial Research Fellow, Director of Research

+44 29208 74754
Picture of Tania Sharmin

Dr Tania Sharmin

Senior Lecturer Sustainable Environmental Design

+44 29208 70798
Picture of Magda Sibley

Dr Magda Sibley

Professor in History and Theory of Architecture

+44 29208 75983
Picture of Vicki Stevenson

Dr Vicki Stevenson

Reader, Course Director for MSc Environmental Design of Buildings, Director of Postgraduate Research

+44 29208 70927


Next steps


Research that matters

Our research makes a difference to people’s lives as we work across disciplines to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy and our environment.


Postgraduate research

Our research degrees give the opportunity to investigate a specific topic in depth among field-leading researchers.


Our research impact

Our research case studies highlight some of the areas where we deliver positive research impact.