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The Welsh School of Architecture has an ethos of ‘grounded creativity,' which underpins our research and teaching and captures our ongoing commitment to engaging with real world problems.

Our impact is achieved by in-house teamwork and collaborations with government, industry and NGOs. Through these collaborations, our research aims to transform everyday life in four main areas of impact: sustainability and energy, industry performance, heritage, communities’ well-being and societal justice.

In the last years, our researchers have developed; affordable means of sustainable retrofitting of housing, software to improve industry performance, they have engaged with communities to strengthen their outlook, networked communities campaigning to save historic buildings from demolition and developed, together with the World Monuments Fund and the Government of Madhya Pradesh, a conservation strategy, a visitors’ centre, and heritage walks by the Indian National Trust.

Three projects have matured in the recent years to become Impact Case Studies:

Solcer House

Driving investment into affordable, low-carbon housing across Wales

Our researchers at the Welsh School of Architecture have designed and built the first affordable low carbon house in the UK using market available technologies.

Pinpointing fuel poverty

Our researchers have developed a new tool which identifies households most in need of support to heat their homes.

Changing EU directives

Improving the energy efficiency of building services in the UK and Europe

Our researchers in the Welsh School of Architecture have trialled and implemented a more effective way of monitoring buildings and their services to identify poor energy performance, increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.