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Our research makes a difference to communities on a global scale.

We work closely with governments, the construction industry, NGOs, and communities themselves to shape spaces in ways that centre sustainability and the wellbeing of future generations.

The impact of our work spans academia, society and the environment. We have developed new means of sustainably retrofitting housing and software to improve construction industry performance, and introduced new forms of engagement with communities, strengthening their agencies in planning and development. We have provided research to underpin campaign efforts saving historic buildings from demolition and refining conservation strategies.

Providing design guidance from individual homes to the urban realm, we bring creative thinkers together to redefine architecture and the built environment.

Solcer House

Driving investment into affordable, low-carbon housing across Wales

Our researchers at the Welsh School of Architecture have designed and built the first affordable low carbon house in the UK using market available technologies.

Pinpointing fuel poverty

Our researchers have developed a new tool which identifies households most in need of support to heat their homes.

Changing EU directives

Improving the energy efficiency of building services in the UK and Europe

Our researchers in the Welsh School of Architecture have trialled and implemented a more effective way of monitoring buildings and their services to identify poor energy performance, increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.