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Committees perform a variety of functions. Their terms of reference, as defined by Ordinance or other regulation, set out their membership, powers and duties and lines of reporting. They may also provide a means of representation and consultation.

Our University level committees

  • Council
  • Court
  • Senate
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Academic Promotions Committee
  • Academic Standards and Quality Committee
  • Biological Standards Sub-Committee
  • College Annual Review and Enhancement (ARE)
  • Education and Student Experience Sub-Committee
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Estates and Infrastructure Sub-Committee
  • Finance and Resources Committee
  • Genetic Modification Sub-Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing Sub-Committee
  • Honorary Fellowships and Degrees Committee
  • Investment and Banking Sub-Committee
  • Open Research Ethics and Integrity Sub-Committee
  • Pension Fund
  • Professorial and Senior Salaries Committee
  • Programme and Partner Standing Panel
  • Redundancy Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • University Awards and Progress Committee

Committee structure

Further information

For more information about the College Annual Review and Enhancement (ARE) committee, please contact the College Education Manager. For more information about the Programme and Partner Standing Panel, please contact

Senedd Building in Cardiff Bay


Find details on the University's committees, their members, the 2020/21 meeting schedule and the minutes from the last three academic years.

Committee minutes

Find all of the meeting minutes for the current year and the three previous academic years.

Committee calendar

The schedule of meetings for all University committees.