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Senate is the senior forum for academic staff to shape academic strategy, as well as examine plans and raise issues of importance to the University.

Senate's powers and constitution can be found in the University's Ordinances.

Current members

Membership of Senate is made up of ex officio members whose role at the University means they sit on Senate, elected members from academic staff, and student members. The secretary is Simon Wright, Academic Registrar.

NameRole End of current term of office
Professor Wendy Larner Chair: The Vice-Chancellor  
Professor Damian Walford Davies The Deputy Vice-Chancellor 31/07/2024
Professor Rudolf Allemann Pro Vice-Chancellor 31/12/2026
Professor Urfan Khaliq Pro Vice-Chancellor 31/08/2024
Professor Stephen Riley Pro Vice-Chancellor 31/12/2026
Claire Morgan Pro Vice-Chancellor 31/10/2026
Professor Roger Whitaker Pro Vice-Chancellor 31/05/2025
Michelle Deininger (Interim) Director of Continuing and Professional Educationex-officio
Claire Jaynes (Interim)Director of English Language Programmesex-officio
Helen Spittle Director for Cardiff Learning and Teaching Academy ex-officio
Dr Juliet Davis Head of School, Architecture 31/07/2026
Professor Eshwar Mahenthiralingam Head of School, Biosciences 30/04/2028
Professor Rachel Ashworth Head of School, Business 31/08/2025
Professor John Pickett (Interim) Head of School, Chemistry  
Professor Stuart Allen Head of School, Computer Science and Informatics 22/05/2024
Professor Nicola Innes Head of School, Dentistry 31/10/2025
Dr Jenny Pike Head of School, Earth and Environmental Sciences 17/08/2027
Professor Mark Llewellyn Head of School, English, Communications and Philosophy 31/01/2029
Professor Jianzhong Wu Head of School, Engineering 31/08/2025 
Professor Gill Bristow Head of School, Geography and Planning 31/01/2026
Professor Nicola Innes (Interim) Head of School, Healthcare Sciences  
Professor Vicki Cummings Head of School, History, Archaeology and Religion  
Matt Walsh Head of School, Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies 31/01/2026
Professor Dave Cowan (Interim)Head of School, Law and Politics  
Dr Jonathan Thompson Head of School, Mathematics 31/07/2027
Professor Rachel Errington (Interim) Head of School, Medicine  
Professor David Clarke Head of School, Modern Languages 30/04/2026
Dr Nicholas Jones Head of School, Music 31/07/2028
Professor John Wild Head of School, Optometry and Vision Sciences 31/12/2026
Professor Mark Gumbleton Head of School, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 31/08/2025
Professor Haley Gomez Head of School, Physics and Astronomy 30/11/2028
Professor Katherine Shelton Head of School, Psychology 31/05/2028
Professor Thomas Hall  Head of School, Social Sciences 02/04/2025
Professor Dylan Foster Evans Head of School, Welsh 31/07/2025
Tracey Stanley Director of University Libraries and The University Librarianex officio

Fifteen professors elected by and from the Professors of the University.

NameSchool End of current term of office
Professor Aseem Inam Architecture 31/07/2025
Professor Dafydd Jones Biosciences 31/07/2026
Professor Julian Gould-Williams Business 31/07/2026
Professor Andrew KerrEarth and Environmental Sciences31/07/2026
Professor Anthony Bennett Engineering 31/07/2026
Professor Gerard O'GradyEnglish, Communication and Philosophy31/07/2026
Professor Edwin EgedeLaw and Politics31/07/2026
Professor Roger Behrend Mathematics 31/07/2024
Professor Kate Brain Medicine 31/07/2025
Professor Patrick Sutton Physics and Astronomy 31/07/2024
Professor Dominic Dwyer Psychology 31/07/2026
Professor Adam Hedgecoe Social Sciences 31/07/2024
Professor Christine BundyHealthcare Sciences31/07/2025
Two vacancies 

Twenty-five members elected by and from the academic staff of the Schools:

NameSchool End of current term of office
Graham Getheridge College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 31/07/2025
Dr Tahl KaminerArchitecture 31/07/2026
Kate Richards Biosciences 31/07/2024
Dr Emma BlainBiosciences31/07/2026
Dr James Osborne Computer Sciences and Informatics 31/07/2024
Dr Catherine Teehan Computer Sciences and Informatics 31/07/2025
Dr Andreas Buerki English, Communication and Philosophy 31/07/2025
Dr Derek Dunne English, Communication and Philosophy 31/07/2025
Dr Thomas BeachEngineering31/07/2026
Dr Hesam KamalipourGeography and Planning31/07/2026
Dr Dominic Roche Healthcare Sciences 31/07/2025
Grace ThomasHealthcare Sciences 31/07/2026
Dr Cindy Carter Journalism, Media and Culture 31/07/2026
Dr Catherine Walsh Journalism, Media and Culture 31/07/2024
Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning Law and Politics 31/07/2026
Lauren Cockayne Medicine 31/07/2026
Dr Jonathan HewittMedicine31/07/2025
Dr Monika Hennemann Music 31/07/2024
Dr Caroline Rae Music 31/07/2024
Dr Luzia Dominguez Modern Languages 31/07/2024
Joanne Pagett Modern Languages 31/07/2025
Dr Juan Pereiro Viterbo Physics and Astronomy 31/07/2024
Abyd Quinn-Aziz Social Sciences 31/07/2024
Dr Vassiliki PapatsibaSocial Sciences31/07/2026
Dr David DoddingtonHistory, Archaeology and Religion31/07/2025

Five members elected by and from the academic staff of the Professional Services group:

NameDepartment End of current term of office
Michael Reade Academic and Student Support Services   31/07/2025
Fflur EvansCommunications and Marketing31/07/2026
Dr Andy Skyrme University IT 31/07/2026
Suzi CousinsUniversity Secretary's Office31/07/2024
Emma HeadyVice-Chancellor's Office31/07/2025
Name End of current term of office
Angie Flores Acuña 30/06/2024
Vacancy 30/06/2024
Michaela Panes 30/06/2024
Madison Hutchinson 30/06/2024
Georgia Spry 30/06/2024
Noah Russell 30/06/2024
Deio Owen 30/06/2024