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Senate is the senior forum for academic staff to shape academic strategy, as well as examine plans and raise issues of importance to the University.

Senate's powers and constitution can be found in the University's Ordinances.

Current members

Membership of Senate is made up of ex officio members whose role at the University means they sit on Senate, elected members from academic staff, and student members. The secretary is Simon Wright, Academic Registrar.

NameRoleEnd of current term of office
Professor Colin RiordanChair: The Vice-Chancellor 
Professor Damian Walford DaviesThe Deputy Vice-Chancellor31/07/2024
Professor Rudolf AllemannPro Vice-Chancellor02/04/2023
Professor Urfan KhaliqPro Vice-Chancellor31/08/2024
Professor Ian WeeksPro Vice-Chancellor31/08/2023
Claire MorganPro Vice-Chancellor31/10/2023
Professor Kim GrahamPro Vice-Chancellor01/09/2023
Dr Zbig SobiesierskiDirector of Continuing and Professional Education 
Helen EvansDirector, English Language Programmes 
Helen SpittleDirector for Cardiff Learning and Teaching Academy 
Dr Juliet DavisHead of School, Architecture31/07/2024
Professor Jim MurrayHead of School, Biosciences30/04/2023
Professor Rachel AshworthHead of School, Business31/08/2023
Professor Damien Murphy Head of School, Chemistry 30/06/2022
Dr Stuart Allen Head of School, Computer Science and Informatics31/08/2023
Professor Nicola InnesHead of School, Dentistry31/07/2023
Professor Ian HallHead of School, Earth and Environmental Sciences17/08/2024
Professor Martin WillisHead of School, English, Communications and Philosophy20/01/2024
Professor Jianzhong Wu Head of School, Engineering31/08/2025 
Professor Gill BristowHead of School, Geography and Planning31/01/2026
Professor David WhitakerHead of School, Healthcare Sciences28/02/2023
Professor James HegartyHead of School, History, Archaeology and Religion31/08/2023
Matt WalshHead of School, Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies31/01/2026
Professors Peter Sutch and Stewart Field Acting Head of School, Law and Politics30/06/2022
Dr Jonathan ThompsonHead of School, Mathematics31/07/2022
Professor Stephen RileyHead of School, Medicine31/12/2025
Professor David ClarkeHead of School, Modern Languages31/08/2024
Professor Kenneth HamiltonHead of School, Music31/07/2023
Professor John WildHead of School, Optometry and Vision Sciences01/06/2021
Professor Mark GumbletonHead of School, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences31/08/2022
Professor Peter SmowtonHead of School, Physics and Astronomy30/11/2023
Professor Petroc SumnerHead of School, Psychology31/05/2023
Dr Thomas Hall Head of School, Social Sciences02/04/2022
Professor Dylan Foster EvansHead of School, Welsh31/07/2022
Tracey StanleyDirector of University Libraries and The University Librarian

Fifteen professors elected by and from the Professors of the University.

NameSchoolEnd of current term of office
Professor Trevor DaleBiosciences31/07/2023
Professor Keith WhitfieldBusiness31/07/2023
Professor Wolfgang MaierEarth and Environmental Sciences31/07/2022
Professor Ceri SullivanEnglish, Communication and Philosophy31/07/2023
Professor Alan KwanEngineering31/07/2023
Professor Ben HanniganHealthcare Sciences31/07/2022
Professor Lina DencikJournalism31/07/2024
Professor Joanne HuntLaw and Politics31/07/2023
Professor Roger BehrendMathematics31/07/2024
Professor Kate BrainMedicine31/07/2022
Professor Dai JohnPharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences31/07/2023
Professor Marc BuehnerPsychology31/07/2023
Professor Patrick SuttonPhysics and Astronomy31/07/2024
Professor Mary HeimannHistory, Archaeology and Religion31/07/2023
Professor Adam HedgecoeSocial Sciences31/07/2024

Twenty-five members elected by and from the academic staff of the Schools:

NameSchoolEnd of current term of office
Dr Jo PattersonArchitecture31/07/2023
Larissa NelsonBiosciences31/07/2023
Kate RichardsBiosciences31/07/2024
Dr Onur TosunBusiness31/07/2023
Dr Emma RichardsChemistry31/07/2022
Dr Jamie PlattsChemistry31/07/2022
Dr James OsborneComputer Sciences and Informatics31/07/2024
Dr Catherine TeehanComputer Sciences and Informatics31/07/2022
Dr Josh RobinsonEnglish, Communication and Philosophy31/07/2022
Dr Alexander HarmerHealthcare Sciences31/07/2022
Dr Laurence TotelinHistory, Archaeology and Religion31/07/2023
Graham GetheridgeHistory, Archaeology and Religion31/07/2022
Dr Cindy CarterJournalism, Media and Culture31/07/2023
Dr Catherine WalshJournalism, Media and Culture31/07/2024
Natasha Hammond-BrowningLaw and Politics31/07/2023
Mrs Sarah SaundersLaw and Politics31/07/2023
Dr Paul BrennanMedicine31/07/2024
Rhys DentonMedicine31/07/2023
Dr Monika HennemannMusic31/07/2024
Dr Caroline RaeMusic31/07/2024
Dr Luzia DominguezModern Languages31/07/2024
Joanne PagettModern Languages31/07/2022
Dr Juan Pereiro ViterboPhysics and Astronomy31/07/2024
Ms Emmajane MiltonSocial Sciences31/07/2023
Abyd Quinn-AzizSocial Sciences31/07/2024

Five members elected by and from the academic staff of the Professional Services group:

Name Department End of current term of office
Tine BlommeHuman Resources 31/07/2024
Kelsey Coward Academic and Student Support Services 31/07/2022
Gail ThomasUniversity Secretary's Office31/07/2022
Dr Andy SkyrmeUniversity IT31/07/2023
Dr John GrovesStrategic Planning 31/07/2023
NameEnd of current term of office
Hannah Doe30/06/2022
Gina Dunn30/06/2022
Chris Grieve30/06/2022
Sebastian Ripley30/06/2022
Megan Somerville30/06/2022
Charlotte Towlson30/06/2022
Orla Tarn30/06/2022