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Fee and access plan

Under the Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015, we are required to develop a fee and access plan each year, and invest a proportion of undergraduate fee income on fee and access plan activity.

Our fee and access plan sets out the activities we will deliver to ensure equality of opportunity and fair access for groups that are under-represented in higher education, and to support them to achieve successful outcomes. This includes measures to attract applications from, and retain students from, those under-represented groups.

The plan also details how we will continue to provide higher education, including Welsh language provision, to all undergraduate students by enhancing student experience and employability.

2021-22 summary

The Fee and Access Plan 2021/22 was approved by HEFCW in May 2020. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, HEFCW have directed institutions to publish the tuition fee section of the plan only as it is recognised that activities and services as set out in the plan may change. Full plans will be published at a later date following a review.

2020-21 summary

In order to promote equality of opportunity, widen access to higher education, increase Welsh medium learning and improve outcomes for under-represented groups and vulnerable students, we will:

  1. Raise aspirations and increase access to higher education amongst under-represented groups through University-led activities and in partnership with First Campus Reaching Wider.
  2. Support continuation among under-represented groups and those with additional needs. We will do this through a new emphasis on comprehensive transition support to adapt to university life.
  3. Implement expansion of our Welsh medium provision in partnership with the Coleg Cenedlaethol Cymraeg as part of a new, holistic Welsh Language Strategy - one that aims at increasing the take-up of our provision through the enhancement of all aspects of the University’s Welsh language life.
  4. Improve the employability of under-represented groups with targeted careers support and additional support packages for international placements.

In order to promote higher education, improve civic engagement, ensure high quality teaching and learning and support the student voice and graduate employability, we will:

  1. Deliver a community and civic engagement programme including working with schools and colleges across Wales.
  2. Provide a high-quality teaching and learning experience, environment and infrastructure that meets students’ diverse needs.
  3. Provide a high-quality student support service which complements the teaching and learning environment enabling students to have the best student experience.
  4. Improve our students’ employability through our careers and employability service and by providing more work experience opportunities including placements, volunteering and international opportunities.

Download our current plans

Fee and access plan 2021-22

The fee and access plan 2021/22 was approved by HEFCW in May 2020.

Fee and access plan 2020-21

Read our HEFCW approved fees and access plan for 2020/21. Approved by HEFCW on 3 September 2019.

Plans from previous years

Download our HEFCW approved fees and access plans from previous years:

Name Type Last updated
Fee and access plan 2016-17 PDF 06/07/2015
Fee and access plan 2017-18 PDF 15/07/2016
Fee and access plan 2018-19 PDF 07/08/2017
Fee and access plan 2019-20 PDF 08/08/2018