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Fee status

It is important to know your tuition fee status as it determines your annual tuition fee and what financial support you may be entitled to.

Your fee status is usually determined by your residency and the country where you normally live (where you are 'ordinarily resident') before starting your course.

Your fee status


You are likely to have a UK (also known as 'home') fee status if you:

  • have 'settled' status in the UK (this means there are no immigration restrictions on your stay) and
  • have lived in the UK as your ordinary place of residence for three years before you start your course (or five years for EU nationals applying to Student Finance England) and
  • will be ordinarily resident in the UK on the first day of your course (this is 1 September for courses starting in September) and
  • your reason for being in the UK is not to attend full-time education.

There are exceptions and other considerations too. For more details on UK fee status, please see the guidance on the UKCISA webpages.


You are likely to have an 'Island' fee status if you have been ordinarily resident in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man before starting your course. You may therefore be eligible to apply for funding support from the governments of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man to help with university costs.


You are likely to have an EU status if you are an EU national and you have been ordinarily resident in a country in the European Economic Area for three years before starting your course.

For information on how your fee status may change following the UK's withdrawal from the EU, please visit our Brexit webpages.


You are likely to have an international (also known as 'overseas') fee status if you are not ordinarily resident in the UK, Channel Islands or European Economic Area.

If you are an asylum seeker or the child of an asylum seeker, you may be eligible for a tuition fee waiver. If so, your tuition fees will be reduced from the 'international' fee to the 'home' fee charged for your course. Please be aware that your fee status will remain as an 'international' student.

When you will find out your fee status

Most applicants will have their fee status confirmed at the point of offer. However for some programmes, such as Nursing, this will be confirmed during the selection process as selection may be dependent on NHS-funded places.

If we need further information from you when we receive your application, we’ll ask you to complete a fee status questionnaire. We are not able to make a decision on your fee status before you have submitted an application.

Requesting a review of your fee status

Applicants may request a review of their fee status by following the process laid out on the fee status page on our Public Information pages.