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Qualifications accepted by Cardiff University

We accept a wide range of qualifications for entry onto our undergraduate courses.

Access to HE

We welcome applications from candidates offering the Access to HE qualification on most courses (subject requirements may apply). Applicants should include all of their educational history on their application and supply a personal statement which includes their motivation for taking an Access course. Applicants interested in Engineering or Optometry should apply to the version of the course that includes a preliminary or foundation year. The Access course is not acceptable for entry to the MBBCh or Dentistry.

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales/Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate

We accept the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales/ Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificate for admission to all of our undergraduate degree programmes as equivalent to one A level at the same grade.

If you are studying either qualification in combination with three A levels, any offer you are made for entry will be flexible, allowing you to satisfy the grades required either from the Baccalaureate and two specified A levels or grade requirements for three A levels. Any subject-specific requirements will also be stipulated in the offer.

Alternatives to GCSE Mathematics

We accept GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Mathematics (Numeracy), and GCSE Score Mathematics on an equal basis when considering applications where GCSE Mathematics is a requirement for entry unless otherwise stated in the programme-specific entry requirements.

Cambridge Pre-U

We welcome applications from candidates offering the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma qualification and will adapt our offers on an equivalent basis with existing level 3 qualifications. We will also accept Pre-U Principal Subjects in lieu of GCE A level subjects excluding Global Perspectives and Independent Research.

Extended/International Project Qualifications (EPQ/IPQ)

We look to support applicants who are taking the EPQ/IPQ qualification by recognising an A in the EPQ/IPQ qualification to lower the entry requirements by a single grade for applicants taking A levels (and the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales/Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate), for all programmes bar Dentistry (BDS), Medicine (MBBCh) and the DipHE in Dental Hygiene.

For example, A Level AAB offers for an applicant taking the EPQ/IPQ would be changed to “AAB from 3 A levels or ABB from 3 A levels and a grade A in the EPQ/IPQ.

Other qualifications taken alongside an EPA/IPQ may be considered where an offer can be lowered by the equivalent of a single A-level grade or attainment in the EPQ/IPQ qualification may be taken into account when we receive all of your results.

Key Skills

We warmly welcome evidence of competence in Key Skills and wish to encourage applicants to highlight any such skills in their application. However, for the majority of degree programmes, we do not include success in the Key Skills qualification in our formal entry requirements. If in any doubt, please contact the relevant Admissions Tutor for more specific guidance.

T Levels

In September 2020 T Levels were introduced in England. We are able to accept T Levels for entry into the majority of our undergraduate programmes, subject to grade and subject-specific requirements. Please see individual programme entry requirements for further details of acceptance criteria.