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After you apply

Find out what happens after you have applied to study an undergraduate course at Cardiff University, and when you can expect a decision from us.

This information is for students who have applied to study one of our full-time undergraduate degree programmes through UCAS.

Application process

  1. Wait for us to make a decision
  2. You will receive your university offers
  3. Reply to your offers by the deadline
  4. Prepare for results day
  5. Next steps for new students

Receiving a decision on your application

The wait for decisions on your application can be difficult. Each university and college will make their decisions at different times, meaning you might hear back before your friends do, or vice versa.

For applications submitted by the January UCAS deadline, UCAS asks universities to make decisions by mid-May at the latest.

We typically receive a high number of applications to our courses so it can take time for us to send you our decision.

You can track the progress of your application through UCAS using your ten-digit application number provided by UCAS and the username and password you used to complete your application.

Types of offer you can expect

When assessing applications, we look for enthusiastic and talented students who have the potential to succeed in their studies with us and contribute to our community.

UCAS will notify you when we decide on your application. If you are offered a place, your offer will be either:


A conditional offer means that we will offer you a place if you meet certain conditions which are usually based on your exams or an English language test. Once you have met the conditions and accepted your place through UCAS, your offer will become unconditional.

We’re here to help, so if you don’t understand something, please ask us a question and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


An unconditional offer means that you have met all the academic requirements, and we are happy to accept you.

We may ask you to provide copies of your qualifications so please ensure you check the details of your offer email carefully.


Depending on the course, we may invite you to an interview, an information day or ask you to provide a portfolio of work. If this is the case, this will be clearly indicated in UCAS.

To find out if your course invites applicants for interviews, please check the application guidance for your chosen course on course search.

Replying to your offers

Once you have received a decision from your universities, you will usually have until June (and in some cases July) to select your first choice of university (firm choice) and your second choice of university (insurance choice).

You must inform UCAS of your choice using the UCAS Hub, which will guide you through the process.

The exact deadline by which you must reply will be displayed in the UCAS hub. For detailed information on how and when to reply to offers, please visit the UCAS website.

If you receive no offers or choose to decline all offers, you might be able to apply through UCAS Extra for another course.

Nominating someone to act on your behalf

The university is bound by the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 in terms of safeguarding personal information. The University will not discuss your application with anyone unless you have given written permission for the University to do so.

You can authorise someone to respond to our requests for information, submit correspondence and make decisions, for example accommodation preferences, on your behalf. This can be particularly useful if gap year travel is planned. Please add the details of your nominated person to your application form.

Prepare for exam results day

Results day can be stressful, so make sure you know what to do on results day, what Clearing is and how it works, and see how to navigate your next steps. Be sure to:

  1. Have your application sign in details handy and update your contact details if you need to.
  2. Be available on results day, because we can't speak to anyone else about your application details unless you give them nominated access to speak on your behalf.
  3. Check how your exam results get to us. Most come directly to us from UCAS If you’re taking an A-level, BTEC or any other qualifications on the UCAS list.

If your qualifications are not on the UCAS list, please upload copies of your official certificate or transcript via the online application service, email or post them to us.

Find out what your exam results mean.

Next steps for new students

Once we have confirmed your offer, we will write to you to officially welcome you to Cardiff University and provide any further information you need.

Start preparing for your arrival.

Before you arrive

Things all students need to know and do in preparation for student life.

International students

There are a few extra things you need to do to prepare for your studies and new life here in Cardiff.

Students in a row at graduation

International scholarships

View our scholarship opportunities for international students.

Graduate student overlooking Main Building from Centre for Student Life


View our scholarship opportunities for UK students.

Help with an application you have made

For applications submitted by the January UCAS deadline, we try to make decisions by mid-May at the latest. We typically receive a high number of applications so it may take longer for us to reply to you.

If you have any queries or need assistance with your application, please ask us a question using our online form.

Admissions team

When completing the form please provide as much information as possible to help us to direct your enquiry.