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Academic study skills

Studying at university may feel like a bit of a step-up or you may just need to refresh your skills after some time away. Either way, our academic study skills team offers free support throughout your university journey to help you achieve your goals.

Academic study skills are those you will need to get the most out of your programme of study while your at university. We are dedicated to supporting you by offering a wide range of classes, online tutorials and other support to help you improve your study techniques and write to a university standard.


Over 12 classes

We offer study skills classes both online and in person. We have over 12 classes to choose from to fit your needs.


Online resources

We have a number of online resources and tutorials to access anywhere at any time.


Individual advice

We offer an 'assess your academic skills' quiz to help with individual and bespoke advice.

Our friendly team can help you develop your academic skills, from your thinking and approach to tasks, to writing styles and managing your assessments. We aim to help you improve as an independent learner, in a challenging but kind environment that gives you the abilities you need to succeed.

Based in the Centre for Student Life, we offer face-to-face classes, along with online classes if you'd prefer to study at a distance. Further support is also available on Learning Central for students to access support anywhere, at anytime.

“The classes I have been on (five in total) have been fabulous and I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge from them that has aided me to stop panicking as much on my workload!”
Helen Fox, School of Healthcare Sciences

Benefits of study skills

You will:

  • discover tips to improve your study skills and to help you become an independent learner
  • achieve clarification on some university concepts and expectations and know how to approach your studies
  • get up to speed with useful insights and hints.

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Get started with our tutorials

Give yourself a head start on your journey to being a Cardiff University student and complete some of our tutorials:

Student mentors

All first-year undergraduate students have access to a student mentor who can provide a student perspective on university learning, your academic school and how to get the most out of your studies with us.

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Academic Study Skills and Mentoring

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