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Academic Study Skills

The Academic Study Skills and Mentoring Team runs classes on a wide range of topics.

These include:

  • critical reading and thinking – how to get the most out of your reading and develop synthesising skills
  • essay writing – guidance on structuring and developing your academic writing
  • essay writing for exams – how to write convincing essays under exam conditions
  • motivation and goal setting – how to get started and stay motivated
  • note taking – taking effective notes in lectures and when you’re studying
  • note taking for revision and exams – how to take, condense and use notes for revision
  • presentation skills – discover how to give effective presentations
  • reflective writing – using reflection to improve your writing and assess your feedback
  • revision and exams tips – giving you ideas and tips on how to get the most out of your revision and make it count in the exam
  • managing your time – how to manage your time effectively
  • time management for revision and exams – how to use your time productively during revision and exams
  • developing your writing – learn how to confidently use the key features of academic writing
  • working in teams – learn how to work effectively and efficiently with peers to get the job done.

By attending these classes you will:

  • discover new tips and ideas to improve your study skills
  • get together with other students in a positive learning environment
  • share ideas and compare different approaches to studying and learning.

What to expect

These are classes rather than lectures. You will be expected to complete a range of tasks independently, in pairs or in small groups. You will meet with students from various academic Schools and years of study. Classes are open to undergraduates and postgraduate taught students.

The duration of most classes is 50 minutes, with a few running for 100 minutes, and they are held at various times in different locations. You are welcome to attend as many as you like.

You will find out more about the classes and how to book your place once you have started at Cardiff University.

Watch this video on how to improve your study skills.

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