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Folly of Atheism
Robert Boyle, A confutation of atheism (London, 1692), title page.

A selection of late seventeenth and early eighteenth-century works designed to stem the growing tide of atheism, reigniting the debate on the reality of witchcraft and apparitions.

B., R., Wonderful prodigies of judgment and mercy: discovered in above three hundred memorable histories, containing I. Dreadful judgments upon atheists, perjured persons, blasphemers, swearers, cursers and scoffers. II. The miserable ends of divers magicians, witches, conjurers, &c. with several strange apparitions. III. Remarkable presages of approaching death, and of appeals to divine justice. IV. The wicked lives, and woful deaths of wretched popes, apostates, and desperate persecutors. V. Fearful judgments upon cruel tyrants, murderers, &c. with the wonderful discovery of murders. VI. Admirable deliverances from imminent dangers and deplorable distresses at sea aud [sic] land. VII. Divine goodness to penitents, with the dying thoughts of several famous men concerning a future state after this life. Faithfully collected from antient and modern authors, of undoubted authority and credit, and imbellished with divers curious pictures, of several remarkable passages therein, (London, 1685). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BV4517.R2 1685.

Baxter, Richard, Of the nature of spirits, especially mans soul: in a placid collation with the learned Dr. Henry More, in a reply to his answer to a private letter, printed in his second edition of Mr. Glanviles Sadduceismus triumpatus (London, 1682). Salisbury WG33.O. See also the Richard Baxter Collection.

Bentley, Richard, The folly and unreasonableness of atheism: demonstrated from the advantage and pleasure of a religious life, the faculties of human souls, the structure of animate bodies, & the origin and frame of the world: in eight sermons, preached at the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esquire; in the first year MDCXCII, (London, 1693). Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Octavos, BL2747.3.B3.

Bentley, Richard, A confutation of atheism from the structure and origin of humane bodies. Part: a sermon preached at Saint Martin's in the Fields, May 2. 1692. Being the third of the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esquire, (London, 1692). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BT1209.B3.

Cudworth, Ralph, The true intellectual system of the universe : the first part; wherein, all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted; and its impossibility demonstrated, (London, 1678), Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BT1209.C8.

Emes, Thomas, The atheist turn’d deist, and the deist turn’d Christian or, The reasonableness and union of natural, and the true Christian religion, (London, 1698). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BT60.E6 1698.

Fotherby, Martin, Atheomastix: clearing foure truthes, against atheists and infidels: 1. That, there is a God. 2. That, there is but one God. 3. That, Jehouah, our God, is that one God. 4. That, the Holy Scripture is the Word of that God. All of them proued, by naturall reasons, and secular authorities; for the reducing of infidels: and, by Scriptures, and Fathers, for the confirming of Christians, (London, 1622) Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BT1100.F6.

Glanvill, Joseph Saducismus triumphatus: or, full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions: In two parts. The first treating of their possibility. The second of their real existence (London: The third edition with additions With two authentick, but wonderful stories of certain Swedish witches, 1700). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos. BF1565.G5 1700.

Glanvill, Joseph, A blow at modern Sadducism in some philosophical considerations about witchcraft, and the relation of the famed disturbance at the house of M. Mompesson; with reflections on drollery, and atheism (London, 1668). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BF1565.G5 1668.

Richards, William, Reflections on French atheism and on English Christianity. (Lynn, 1795). Salisbury WG30(1795).

Smith, Henry, God's arrow against atheists, (1611). Cardiff rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos.