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First World War

Books, newspapers, journals, archives and ephemera from the period 1914-18, covering a wide range of topics.


La Ligue des Artistes Belges, Belgian art in exile: A representative gallery of modern Belgian art (1916).


Art, illustration and cartoons.

Richard Aldington, Images of war: a book of poems illustrated by Paul Nash (Westminster, London: Beaumont Press, 1919).


Poetry, plays and novels.

Gordon, Hampden and Joyce Dennys, Rhymes of the red triangle (London: John Lane The Bodley Head, [1917-1919?])

Children's literature

School stories, fairy tales and other works for children.

Peter Edwards, Pedr Alaw, The little soldiers: Y milwyr bychain: action song (Liverpool: H. Evans, 1914).


Hymnals, lyrics and sheet music.

Knights of Malta, Priory for Wales, Programme of grand concert by the Newport Choral Society on behalf of the Newport Centre of the above order (1919).


Music festivals / cymanfaoedd canu.

The official programme, the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, Neath, August 6, 7, 8, & 9, 1918 (Neath: Whittington, 1918).


Programmes and lists of subjects.

'The Gap in the Bridge' Punch, 10 Dec 1919.


Books, archives, newspapers and journals.


Disestablishment, pro-war movements, and conscientious objectors.

Business and industry

Economy, trade and commerce.

Cardiff University students' war memorial, Main Building.


Books on the Welsh language, and the history of Cardiff University.

C. R. Ashbee, Where the great city stands: a study in the new civics (London: Essex House Press and B.T. Batsford, 1917).

Rebuilding Britain

Architecture and town planning in post-war Britain.

'Courtesies of the Road', Out and away: a posy of travellers’ joy (London: Robinson and Birch, Ltd., July 1919-Spring 1920).

Travel and leisure

Travel accounts and guides.

Jones, James Ifano, Ysbyty Tywysog Cymru i Forwyr a Milwyr Cymru a Sir Fynwy Wedi Colli Aelodau yn y Rhyfel: hanes yr ysbyty a agorwyd gan ei uchwelder Brenhinol Twysog Cymru, Marchog y Gardys, Ddydd Mercher, Chwefror yr 20fed, 1918 (Cardiff: The Committee, 1918).

Medicine and science

Biological (medicine, pharmacy, psychiatry) and earth sciences (chemistry and geology).

T. D. Hadjich, The world’s war cartoons: blood and iron, the Balkans in caricature (London: Cecil Palmer and Hayward, 1916).

Causes and outbreak

Sources on events leading to the outbreak of war.


Wartime sources, including accounts from the front.

'Wanted: a St. Patrick', Punch, 3 May 1916.

Post war

Post war sources and the League of Nations.