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Antichrist Stormed
Benjamin Keach, Antichrist Stormed, (London, 1689), frontispiece.

A selection of anti-Catholic books and tracts presenting Catholicism as a heathen religion with sinful and sometimes magical overtones.

Abbot, Robert, A hand of fellovvship, to helpe keepe out sinne and Antichrist: In certaine sermons preached vpon seuerall occasions, (London, 1623). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BV4253.A2.

Abbott, Robert, Antichristi demonstratio, contra fabulas pontificias, et ineptam Roberti Bellarmini de Antichristo disputationem, (Londini, 1608). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BV4253.A2.

Abbot, Robert, A mirrour of Popish subtilties: discouering sundry wretched and miserable euasions and shifts which a secret cauilling Papist in the behalfe of one Paul Spence priest yet liuing and lately prisoner in the castle of Worcester, hath gathered out of Sanders, Bellarmine, and others, for the auoyding and discrediting of sundrie allegations of scriptures and Fathers, against the doctrine of the Church of Rome, concerning Sacraments, the sacrifice of the Masse, Transubstantiation, Justification, &c., (London, 1594). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.A2.

B., R., Martyrs in flames: or, The history of Popery: Displaying the horrid persecutions and cruelties exercised upon Protestants by the Papists, for many hundred years past: In Piedmont. France, with the Massacre at Paris. Orange. Bohemia. Germany. Poland. Lithuania. Italy. Spain, with the bloody Inquisition. Portugal. Holland. Flanders. Scotland. Ireland, with the Massacre in 1641. and England. Containing an account of I. The martyrs in the reign of King Henry Viii. and Queen Mary. II. The Spanish Invasion 1588 III. The Gun-Powder Treason, 1605. IV. The Fire of London 1666 V. The horrid Popish-Plot in 1678. VI The murther of Sir Edmunbury Godfrey. VII. The detestable conspiracies of the Papists, and their adherents against K. William III. 1. By Grandivile a Frenchman. 2. By Charnock, Sir Will. Perkins, Sir John Friend, Sir John Fenwick, and others, with their trials and execution. Also God's judgments upon persecutors. With several pictures, (London, third edition, 1729). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1767.R2.

Balbani, Niccolo, Newes from Italy of a second Moses, or, The life of Galeacius Caracciolus the noble Marquesse of Vico: containing the story of his admirable conuersion from popery, and his forsaking of a rich marquessedome for the Gospels sake, (London, 1608). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX9439.V52.B2.

Bale, John, Yet a course at the Romyshe foxe: A dysclosynge or openynge of the Manne of synne, co[n]tayned in the late declaratyon of the Popes olde faythe made by Edmonde Boner bysshopp of London. wherby wyllyam Tolwyn was than newlye professed at paules crosse openlye into Antichristes Romyshe relygyon agayne by a newe solempne othe of obedyence, notwythsta[n]dynge the othe made to hys prynce afore to the contrarye. An alphabetycall dyrectorye or table also in the ende thereof, (Antwerp, 1543). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX5136.B2.

Bourne, Benjamin, The description and confutation of mysticall Anti-Christ, the Familists; or, An information drawn up and published for the confirmation and comfort of the faithfull, against many Antichristian Familisticall doctrines which are frequently preached and printed in England : particularly in those dangerous books called Theologia Germanica, the Bright Star, Divinity and Philosophy, (London, 1646). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX7575.B6.

Bunny, Francis, A suruey of the Popes supremacie: VVherein is a triall of his title, and a proofe of his practices: and in it are examined the chiefe argumentes that M. Bellarmine hath, for defence of the said supremacie, in his bookes of the bishop of Rome, (London, 1595). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.B8.

Bunny, Francis, A comparison betweene the auncient fayth of the Romans, and the new Romish religion, (London, 1595). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.B8.

Burnet, Gilbert, The unreasonableness and impiety of popery: in a second letter written upon discovery of the late plot, (London, 1678). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, DA448.B8.

Comber, Thomas, A discourse concerning the Second Council of Nice : which first introduced and established image-worship in the Christian Church, anno Dom. 787, (London, 1688). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BR240.C6 1688.

Comber, Thomas, Friendly and seasonable advice to the Roman Catholicks of England, (London, the fourth edition, 1686). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.C6.

Cranford, James, An abstract of some late characters. Or, How the principall means appointed for our reformation is become the maine fuell of our wickednes: laid downe in sundry characters of [brace] L. Bishops, dumb dogs, non-residenciaries, men-pleasers, unpreaching ministers, that edify to damnation ; by their [brace] scandalous living, false wresting [and] mis-applying the Scripture : so turning the truth of God into a lye, that they may [brace] discourage the godly, incourage the wicked. In which the blind world may see to their shame how Satan guls them with a multitude of misprisions and false surmises against the godly, that he may barricado their hearts against all good. Necessary to be knowne in these times of discovery, (London, 1643). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BR304.C2.

Drelincourt, Charles, A collection of texts of scripture, with short notes upon them, against the principal popish errors: being a summary of the doctrine of the Church of Rome; with a plain refutation by scripture, (London, 1686). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.D7.

Foulis, Henry, The history of Romish treasons & usurpations: together with a particular account of many gross corruptions and impostures in the Church of Rome, highly dishonourable and injurious to Christian religion. To which is prefixt a large preface to the Romanists, (London, 1671). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BX1763.F6.

Foxe, John, Actes and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happening in the Church: with an vniuersall history of the same. Wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these latter times of ours, with the bloudy times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions against the true martyrs of Christ, sought and wrought as well by heathen emperours, as now lately practised by Romish prelates, especially in this realme of England and Scotland, (London, 1596). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BR1607.F6.

Gifford, George, A briefe treatise against the priesthood and sacrifice of the Church of Rome: VVheein [sic] the simple may perceive their intollerable impietie, usurping that office and action, which ever appertaine to Christ onely, (London, 1634). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.G4 1634.

Gurnay, Edmund, Gurnay redivivus, or, An appendix unto the homily against images in churches,(London, 1660). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BV197.P65.C7 1661.

Hanmer, Meredith, The Iesuites banner : displaying their original and successe, their vow and othe, their hypocrisie and superstition.... with a confutation of a late pamphlet [by Robert Parsons] secretly imprinted and entituled: A briefe censure upon two bookes written in answeare to M. Campions offer of disputation, &c, (London, 1581). Special Collections: Salisbury, WG30(1581).

Jewel, John, A replie vnto M. Hardinges ansvveare : by perusinge whereof the discrete, and diligent reader may easily see, the weake, and vnstable groundes of the Romaine religion, whiche of late hath beene accompted Catholique, (London, 1566). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BX5130.J3.

Jones, Thomas, Elymas the sorcerer: or, A memorial towards the discovery of the bottom of this Popish-Plot; and how far his R. Highness's directors have been faithful to his honour and interest, or the peace of the nation : publish'd upon occasion of a passage in the late Dutchess of York's declaration for changing her religion, (London, 1682). Special Collections: Salisbury, Folio WG30(1682).

Keach, Benjamin, Antichrist stormed: or, Mystery Babylon the great whore, and great city, proved to be the present Church of Rome. Wherein all objections are fully answered. To which is added, the time of the end, or a clear explanation of Scripture prophecies, with the judgment of divers learned men concerning the final ruine of the Romish Church, that it will be in this present age. Together with an account of the two witnesses, who they are, with their killing, resurrection & ascention [sic]. Also an examination and confutation of what Mr. Jurieu hath lately written concerning the effusion of the vials, proving none of them are yet poured out, with Mr. Canns reasons to confirm the same. Likewise a brief review of D. Tho. Goodwins Exposition of the 11th chapter of the Revelations, concerning the witnesses, and of that street in which they should be slain, proving it to be meant of Great Brittain. And a brief collection of divers strange prophecies, some very ancient, (London, 1689). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.K3.

More, Henry, A modest enquiry into the mystery of iniquity: the first part, containing a careful and impartial delineation of the true idea of Antichristianism in the real and genuine members thereof, such as are indeed opposite to the indispensable purposes of the Gospel of Christ, and to the interest of his kingdome, (London, 1664). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BT70.M6.

Parker, Robert, A scholasticall discourse against symbolizing with Antichrist in ceremonies: especially in the signe of the crosse, (Middelburg, 1607). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BV197.S5.P2.

Poole, Matthew , A dialogue between a Popish Priest and an English Protestant, (1670). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos.

Secker, A brief confutation of the errors of the Church of Rome.  Extracted from Archbishop Secker's five sermons against Popery, By the Rev Beilby Porteus, (1781). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos.

Taylor, Jeremy, Symbolon theologikon: or A collection of polemicall discourses : wherein the Church of England, in its worst as well as more flourishing condition, is defended in many material points, against the attempts of the papists on one hand, and the fanaticks on the other. Together with some additional pieces addressed to the promotion of practical religion and daily devotion, (London, 1674). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BX5136.T2.

Taylor, Jeremy, A dissuasive from Popery, (1668). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos.

A true and plain declaration of the horrible treasons practised by William Parry, Dr. of the civil law: being a papist, against Queen Elizabeth (of blessed memory,) because she was Protestant, and of his tryal, conviction, and execution for the same, being a full account of his design to have murthered the said queen; with the copy of a letter written to him by Cardinal Como, by the Popes order, to incourage him to kill the queen: and of his confession of his treason, both to the lords of the council, and at his tryal upon his indictment in Westminster-hall. Together with his denyal thereof at the place of execution, and his manner of behaviour there. Written in the year, 1584. (London, 1679). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, KM561.1.T7 1679; Salisbury Folio WG30(1679).

Winstanley, William, The Protestant almanack for the year from the incarnation of Jesus Christ, 1681. Our deliverance from popery by Queen Eliz. 122. Being the first after bissextile or leap-year: Wherein the bloody aspects, fatal oppositions, diabolical conjunctions, and pernicious revolutions of the papacy against the Lord Christ and the Lords anointed are described. With the change of the moon, the rising and setting of the sun, some observable fairs, and the eclipses; together with the moons place in the zodiac, throughout each month of the year. Calculated according to art, for the meridian of Babylon, where the Pope is elevated a hundred and fifty degrees above all reason, right, and religion; above kings, canons, councils, conscience, and every thing therein called God, 2 Thes. 2. And may without sensible error, indifferently serve the whole papacy, (London, 1681).Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavoes, AY751 .L4 1681.