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Burning of the Martyrs
Burning of the Martyrs, John Foxe, Acts and monuments, (London, 1684).

Various works concerning Protestantism, its role as the true religion and the demonising of other beliefs, especially Catholicism.

Ames, William, The marrow of sacred divinity: drawne out of the holy Scriptures, and the interpreters thereof, and brought into method, (London, 1642). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos,  BT70.A6.

Amesius, Guilielmus, (William Ames), De conscientia et eius irae, vel casibus. Liber quinque, (1643). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Continental.

B., R., Wonderful prodigies of judgment and mercy: discovered in above three hundred memorable histories, containing I. Dreadful judgments upon atheists, perjured persons, blasphemers, swearers, cursers and scoffers. II. The miserable ends of divers magicians, witches, conjurers, &c. with several strange apparitions. III. Remarkable presages of approaching death, and of appeals to divine justice. IV. The wicked lives, and woful deaths of wretched popes, apostates, and desperate persecutors. V. Fearful judgments upon cruel tyrants, murderers, &c. with the wonderful discovery of murders. VI. Admirable deliverances from imminent dangers and deplorable distresses at sea aud [sic] land. VII. Divine goodness to penitents, with the dying thoughts of several famous men concerning a future state after this life. Faithfully collected from antient and modern authors, of undoubted authority and credit, and imbellished with divers curious pictures, of several remarkable passages therein, (London, 1685).Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BV4517.R2 1685.

Bayly, Thomas, Certamen religiosum: or, A conference between His late Majestie Charles King of England, and Henry late Marquess and Earl of Worcester, concerning religion; at His Majesties being at Raglan Castle, 1646: Wherein the maine differences (now in controversie) between the Papists and the Protestants is no lesse briefly then accuratly discusss'd and bandied. Now published for the worlds satisfaction of His Majesties constant affection to the Protestant religion, (London, 1649). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1779.B2.

Bourne, Benjamin, The description and confutation of mysticall Anti-Christ, the Familists; or, An information drawn up and published for the confirmation and comfort of the faithfull, against many Antichristian Familisticall doctrines which are frequently preached and printed in England : particularly in those dangerous books called Theologia Germanica, the Bright Star, Divinity and Philosophy, (London, 1646). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX7575.B6.

Bunny, Francis, A suruey of the Popes supremacie: VVherein is a triall of his title, and a proofe of his practices: and in it are examined the chiefe argumentes that M. Bellarmine hath, for defence of the said supremacie, in his bookes of the bishop of Rome, (London, 1595). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.B8.

Bunny, Francis, A comparison betweene the auncient fayth of the Romans, and the new Romish religion, (London, 1595). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.B8.

Calvin, Jean, The institution of Christian religion, (London, 1561). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BX9420.I6.

Chillingworth, William, The religion of Protestants a safe vvay to salvation. Or, An ansvver to a booke entitled Mercy and truth, or, Charity maintain'd by Catholiques, which pretends to prove the contrary, (Oxford, 1638). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BX4809.C4.

Clarke, Samuel, A general martyrologie, containing a collection of all the greatest persecutions which have befallen the church of Christ, from the creation, to our present times: wherein is given an exact account of the Protestants sufferings in Queen Maries reign. Whereunto is added The lives of thirty two English divines, famous in their generations for learning and piety; and most of them sufferers in the cause of Christ. Together with the lives of Gustavus Ericson, King of Sweden; Jaspar Coligni, Admiral of France (who was slain in the Massacre of Paris), and Joan Queen of Navarr (who died of poison a few dayes before that bloody massacre). Likewise, of divers others Christians who were eminent for prudence and piety. You have also, lively represented, the divers manners of those cruel, horrid, and inhumane sufferings, that the people of God have undergone in all ages and nations; and the effigies of some of the eminent divines, in copper-plates, (London, the third edition, 1677). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BX4660.A3.C77.

Clarkson, David, The case of Protestants in England under a popish prince : if any shall happen to wear the imperial crown, (London, 1681). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.C5.

Claude, Jean, An account of the persecutions and oppressions of the French Protestants: To which is added, the edict of the French King, prohibiting all publick exercise of the pretended reformed religion in his kingdom. Wherein he recalls, and totally annuls the perpetual and irrevocable edict of King Henry the IV. his grandfather, given at Nantes, full of most gracious concessions to Protestants. With the form of abjuration the revolting Protestants are to subscribe and swear to, (London, 1686). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BR845.C5.

Comber, Thomas, A discourse concerning the Second Council of Nice: which first introduced and established image-worship in the Christian Church, anno Dom. 787, (London, 1688). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BR240.C6 1688.

Cranford, James, An abstract of some late characters. Or, How the principall means appointed for our reformation is become the maine fuell of our wickednes: laid downe in sundry characters of [brace] L. Bishops, dumb dogs, non-residenciaries, men-pleasers, unpreaching ministers, that edify to damnation ; by their [brace] scandalous living, false wresting [and] mis-applying the Scripture : so turning the truth of God into a lye, that they may [brace] discourage the godly, incourage the wicked. In which the blind world may see to their shame how Satan guls them with a multitude of misprisions and false surmises against the godly, that he may barricado their hearts against all good. Necessary to be knowne in these times of discovery, (London, 1643). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BR304.C2.

D’Auborn, A., The French convert; being a true relation of the happy conversion of a noble French lady from the errors and superstitions of Popery to the reformed religion, by means of a Protestant gardener, her servant; wherein is shewn her great and unparalleled sufferings on the account of her said conversion; as also her wonderful deliverance from two assassins, hired by a Popish priest to murder her; of her miraculous preservation in a wood for two years, and how she was at last providentially found by her husband; who, together with her parents, was brought over to the embracing of the true religion, as were divers others also. To which ia added a brief account of the present severe persecutions of the French Protestants, (London, 1790?). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1763.F7 1790.

Foxe, John, Actes and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happening in the Church: with an vniuersall history of the same. Wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these latter times of ours, with the bloudy times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions against the true martyrs of Christ, sought and wrought as well by heathen emperours, as now lately practised by Romish prelates, especially in this realme of England and Scotland, (London, 1596). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BR1607.F6.

Friend to the Protestant Interest, Clamor sanguinis martyrum, or The bloody Inquisition of Spain: Wherein is unfolded the prodigious and unparalell'd cruelties of the bloody-minded Spaniard, against the Protestants. Humbly presented to the serious consideration of all Protestant princes and states, (London, 1656). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos, BX1735.F7.

Jewel, John, A replie vnto M. Hardinges ansvveare: by perusinge whereof the discrete, and diligent reader may easily see, the weake, and vnstable groundes of the Romaine religion, whiche of late hath beene accompted Catholique, (London, 1566). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BX5130.J3.

Knox, John, The historie of the reformation of the Church of Scotland: containing five books: together with some treatises conducing to the history. Published by authority, (London, 1644). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BR385.K6.

Lloyd, William, A seasonable discourse: shewing the necessity of maintaining the established religion, in opposition to popery, (London, 1693). Special Collections: Salisbury, WG30(1673).

Lloyd, William, Considerations touching the true way to suppress Popery in this Kingdom, (London, 1746). Special Collections: Salisbury WG30(1746).

More, Henry, A modest enquiry into the mystery of iniquity: the first part, containing a careful and impartial delineation of the true idea of Antichristianism in the real and genuine members thereof, such as are indeed opposite to the indispensable purposes of the Gospel of Christ, and to the interest of his kingdome, (London, 1664). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Folios, BT70.M6.

Powel, Gabriel, Gabrielis Poueli Ordovicis Britanni, Davidis f[ratris] Disputationum theologicarum & scholasticarum de Antichristo & eius ecclesia, libri II, (London, 1605). Special Collections: Salisbury (WG30(1605).

Poole, Matthew, A dialogue between a Popish Priest and an English Protestant, (1670). Cardiff Rare Books Collection: Early English Octavos.