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Eastern and Central Europe

Map of Europe
Map or Europe, Frederik de Wit, Atlas, (Amsterdam, 1662).

A wide range of print and archival materials relating to Eastern and Central Europe from the 16th century onwards, comprising unique collections on Czechoslovak history during the 20th century.

Czechoslovak Special Collection

A selection of works on the turbulent history of Czechoslovakia throughout the 20th century, including political memoirs, contemporary travel guides and historical monographs.

Central and Eastern Europe

Books, selected documents and official works relating to the provinces of Central and Eastern Europe.


A selection of official documents and texts relating to Czechoslovakia.


Books and documents relating to the history of Poland before and during World War II.

Russia/ U. S. S. R

A selection of books, papers, journals and archival materials on Russia/ U.S.S.R.


Various writings and documents on European and international affairs during 1918-1939.

World War II and Europe

Books, documents and international papers relating to Europe during the Second World War.

Minorities and the Holocaust

Choice of books, journals, and photographic collections concerning the plight of minority groups, genocide and the Holocaust.


Sources on international affairs, policies, and diplomacy after the Second World War.

Diplomacy: United States and Foreign Relations

Diplomatic papers and documents on matters of diplomacy, foreign and international relations, primarily relating to the United States.

League of Nations

Books and pamphlets on the formation of the League of Nations, and the United Nations.

Paris Peace Conference

Official papers on the Paris Peace Conference.

Europe 1500 - 1850

A variety of works from the 16th to 19th centuries on the geographical, imperial, and historical development of Europe.

Maps, geography and travel

Materials on European geography and travel, ranging from atlases, maps, historical accounts and travel writing, spanning the 17th to 20th centuries.

Newspaper and archival collections

Print and archival sources including Communist newspapers, political archives, correspondences, and a significant collection of Radio Free Europe reports.

Searching for secondary works on Eastern and Central Europe

Search tips for finding secondary works on Eastern and central Europe held in the libraries, using LibrarySearch.