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Illustrated sources

A guide to locating illustrated sources in the rare books, archives, ephemera, newspaper and journal collections.



Illustrated periodicals covering literature, science, women's interest, and miscellanies.


Punch, Illustrated London News, The Graphic.

Art and architecture

Art and architecture journals and other sources.

Children's literature

Illustrated children's literature.

Novels, plays and poetry

Illustrated novels, plays and poetry.

Travel literature

A range of illustrated travel literature.

Ballads and almanacs

Small, cheap and ephemeral publications which often feature simple woodcuts.

Cardiff Rare Books

A wide range of illustrated material.


A large collection of Welsh architectural and topographical prints.

Posters and propaganda

A range of posters from elections, political campaigns, and covering the Eisteddfod.

Comics and graphic novels

Various comics and graphic novels, including the Santander Collection of Hispanic Comics and Graphic Literature.