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Works by Richard Baxter

Books by Richard Baxter (1615-1691), English Puritan divine.

Shelf detail of Baxter collection.

Books by Richard Baxter (1615-1691), English Puritan divine.

Active writer on the Parliamentary side during the English Civil Wars, Baxter was jailed for a short time upon the Restoration of the Monarchy. From 1641 until removal in 1660, he was pastor of the church at Kidderminster, where he wrote his two best known works Saints everlasting rest (1650) and Gildas salvianus, the reformed past (1656).

Baxter was an extremely popular and influential author in his day, and his works went through a large number of editions, almost all of which are held by the Library.

About this collection

Collection type: Print

Dates: 17 century

Size: c. 500 books, plus microfilms.

Formats: Books

Subjects: Religion, Politics

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