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Minorities and the Holocaust

Mauthausen Concentration Camp, (cropped). Image by Malojavio El Saucejo.

Choice of books, journals, and photographic collections concerning the plight of minority groups, genocide and the Holocaust.

Adeney, J. H., The Jews of Eastern Europe, (London, 1921). Special Collections: Reference DS135.E8.A3.1921.

The Bulleting of International News, October 22 1938 – December 30 1939; 1943 & 1944. Special Collections: Reference.

Carlson, Elof Axel, The unfit: a history of a bad idea, (Cold Spring Harbor, 2001). Special Collections: Reference 363.9209 CAR, and other locations

Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Minorities – Spearhead of Nazism: Henlein’s Deceit, (London, 1943). Special Collections: Reference, DB2185.C9. 1943.

Glad, John, Jewish Eugenics, (Washington, 2011). Special Collections: Reference, 363.92089924 GLA.

Jewish Historical Society of England: Transactions, (1894-1982). Special Collections: Journals, Journal/Je.

Magosci, Paul Robert, The Shaping of a National Identity: Subcarpathian Rus’, 1848-1948, (London, 1978). Special Collections: Reference, DK508.42.M2.

Phillips, John, Historical address on the Hungarian war and executions: and on the conduct of the Austrian government towards its subjects in its Hungarian, Polish, and other provinces, delivered at a public meeting of the City of Bangor, held in the present year, (1850), to express sympathy with the Hungarians, (Caernarfon, 1850). Special Collections: Salisbury, WG37(1850).

Pyke, J. S Medawar David., Hitler's gift: scientists who fled Nazi Germany, (London, 2000). Special Collections: Reference, 509.4309044 MED.

Müller-Hill, Benno, Murderous science: elimination by scientific selection of Jews, Gypsies, and others in Germany, 1933-1945, (Cold Spring Harbor, 1998). Special Collections: Reference, 940.5405 MUL. * other editions available

Müller-Hill, Benno, Tödliche Wissenschaft: die Aussonderung von Juden, Zigeunern und Geisteskranken 1933-1945, (Reinbek bei Hamburg, 1984). Special Collections: Reference 940.5405 MUL.

Parczewski, Alfons, A survey of the language map of Europe and a sketch of an international peace union for the protection of linguistic minorities: submitted to the Pan-Celtic Congress at Carnarvon, (Caernarfon, 1904). Special Collections: Salisbury W8.P.

Rabbati, Pesikta, Discourses for Feasts, Fasts, and Special Sabbaths, (New Haven, 1968). Special Collections: Reference, BM517.P4.E6 1968.

Roland, Charles G., Medical science without compassion: past and present, (Hamburg, 1992). Special Collections: Reference 940.5405 MED.

Weizmann, Chaim, The Jewish People and Palestine: Statement made before the Palestine Royal Commission in Jerusalem, on November 25th, 1936, (London, second edition, 1939). Special Collections: Reference, DS149.W3 1939.