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UoA 26 Modern Languages and Linguistics

Our submission to this unit includes staff from the schools of Modern Languages and Welsh. We share a distinctive interest in interdisciplinary and transnational approaches to literary and visual cultures, translation, heritage and sociolinguistics.

Our influential combination of humanities and social science scholarship, with a strong focus on impactful and policy-relevant research, secured an overall GPA of 3.30. We are 9th in the UK for research impact and 11th for research environment. A key feature of this unit is that over 80% of our research is world-leading or internationally excellent.

We foster an inclusive, diverse and collaborative research community. Reflective of this, we submitted 100% of our eligible staff to this Unit of Assessment.

Our results

Quality level 4 star % 3 star % 2 star % 1 star %Unclassified %
Outputs 29.647.922.50.00.0
Impact 66.733.

Our research environment

A major development in 2014 was the creation of a new School of Modern Languages, bringing together staff from the School of European Languages, Translation and Politics, staff specialising in languages pedagogy from the Centre for Lifelong Learning and colleagues in Japanese Studies from Cardiff Business School.

Along with Welsh, researchers work on 11 different languages (Arabic, Chinese, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Irish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish), placing the unit in a strong position to address the agenda of transnational research in modern languages.

Thirty-five researchers in the unit are organised around 5 key areas of expertise - transnational cultural and visual studies, literature and literary criticism, history and heritage, global language-based area studies and linguistics and sociolinguistics, including language policy and planning. The groupings bring together staff at all career stages.

We were awarded £1,179,523 in research grants during this REF period, an increase of 48% from REF 2014.

Discover our research

UoA 26 includes the Schools of Modern Languages and Welsh, both of which enjoy an inclusive and vibrant research culture with the research being carried making important contributions to society.

families leave Paris

Reshaping perceptions of the Second World War in France

Individuals’ personal experiences are central to new understandings of this crucial period in history.

Male tutor helps two students

Research at the School of Modern Languages

Our research community of academics and scholars are committed to producing world-class research.

Research at the School of Welsh

We are home to research of the highest standard and welcome researchers who want to work with us to promote social, economic and cultural improvements.

Student receiving advice from a mentor

Our research impact at the School of Modern Languages

Find out more about the projects that highlight the scope and nature of our research impact.

Impact at the School of Welsh

We have a reputation for creating and engaging with research that has a direct impact on society, language, culture and policy in contemporary Wales.