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UoA 18 Law

Our research emphasises interdisciplinary collaboration and strong civic and policy engagement. This is through our contributions to major contemporary debates such as global justice and multi-level governance, environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing, human rights, social justice, crime and security. We are a leading Law School for socio-legal studies and law in context.

We are 15th in the UK, with an overall GPA of 3.34. Our excellent research environment, with a score of 3.75, was placed 5th. The collective impact and wider societal importance of our work is reflected in our position as 6th for research impact.

We foster an inclusive, diverse and collaborative research community. Reflective of this, we submitted 100% of our eligible staff to this Unit of Assessment.

Our results

Quality level 4 star % 3 star % 2 star % 1 star %Unclassified %
Outputs 33.637.326.42.70.0
Impact 87.512.

Our research environment

The School of Law and Politics was formed in 2014, with the aim of enhancing opportunities for interdisciplinary research, by merger of the Law department with Politics and International Relations. The Law department forms our UoA 18 submission.

We have a strong reputation for socio-legal research. During this REF period we created the Centre of Law and Society, built on the foundation of The Journal of Law and Society, which was established in the school in 1974.

We are motivated by a commitment to civic engagement and public service. We work with devolved and national governments, civil society organisations (for example International Union for the Conservation of Nature; Amnesty International) and international bodies (for example, EU; UN; Hague Conference on Private International Law).

We share our expertise with the wider community, influencing judicial, legislative, and policy processes, and equipping user groups with the capacity to better advance their aims.

Our researchers secured external funding to the value of £3.66 million from a number of sources including Economic and Social Research Council, European Research Council, Nuffield Trust, Wellcome and the British Academy.

We aim to provide a supportive environment for the production of excellent research by all and to contribute to improving law, policy outcomes, and society.

Discover our research

We’re driven by transnational questions that affect us all such as global and national governance, environmental sustainability, global justice, commercial regulation, international legal relations, and post-colonialism.

Strengthening rights and participation under mental capacity law

Dr Lucy Series and colleagues’ work on the Mental Capacity Act strengthened the rights and participation of people who may be considered to lack capacity to make or participate in decisions about their lives.

Research at the School of Law and Politics

Carry out dynamic and forward-looking research in a truly interdisciplinary environment. Learn with internationally recognised academics, embedded in the UN, NATO, G7 and Welsh Government.

Impact at the School of Law and Politics

Our researchers are embedded in UK, European and international networks, active in a variety of key professional associations, regularly working with practitioners at a variety of levels.