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Units of assessment

We have submitted to 23 of the 34 units of assessment, reflecting our innovative and interdisciplinary research.

UoA 1 Clinical Medicine

Addressing key health challenges affecting society, we have created a sustainable and inclusive research environment to harness discovery research for future clinical innovation.

UoA 3 Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy

Our research has the common focus towards benefitting human health and welfare.

UoA 4 Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience

Our research involves understanding the nature and treatment of a broad range of psychiatric, neurodevelopmental and neurological disorders.

UoA 5 Biological Sciences

We aim to understand and exploit fundamental biological mechanisms to deliver the research knowledge and technologies to support a healthy growing population in a sustainable world.

UoA 7 Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

From tectonics and resource geology to hazard prediction and climate change policy, we are tackling some of the central problems facing humanity today.

UoA 8 Chemistry

We are committed to an ethos of rigorous interdisciplinary research in the chemical sciences, underpinned by outstanding research facilities and infrastructure.

UoA 9 Physics

We are a leading research department focused on creating new fundamental understanding and impact on a wide spectrum of physical processes governing nature.

UoA 10 Mathematical Sciences

Our research advances fundamental mathematical knowledge, facilitates the application of mathematical sciences in other disciplines, and provides societal benefit.

UoA 11 Computer Science and Informatics

We undertake fundamental research that addresses real-world challenges to have a positive impact on society and people's day-to-day living.

UoA 12 Engineering

Our vibrant research environment is committed to maximising the impact of our research as we work to solve industry-identified challenges.

UoA 13 Architecture, Built Environment and Planning

We are committed to engaging with local and international communities, creative industries and policy communities to create impact through rigorous research.

UoA 14 Geography and Environmental Studies

Our research focuses on the planning, governance and sustainability of cities, regions, and rural spaces.

UoA 15 Archaeology

We have an international reputation for excellence in archaeological science and field research, conservation, heritage practice and public engagement.

UoA 17 Business and Management Studies

A leading international centre for research in Business and Management research, we are guided by a holistic Public Value ethos.

UoA 18 Law

Our research is driven by transnational questions around global justice and multi-level governance, environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing, human rights, social justice, crime and security.

UoA 19 Politics and International Studies

Our research is at the cutting edge of politics and international relations and our researchers are engaged with national and international policy and practice.

UoA 21 Sociology

Our research focuses on five broad themes: inequalities, division and diversity; culture, interaction and everyday life; crime, security and justice; science, technology and risk; and education, skills and labour market.

UoA 23 Education

Our research focuses on children’s and young people’s welfare, learning and pedagogy from the early years to professional education, and education, skills and labour markets.

UoA 26 Modern Languages and Linguistics

Our researchers share a distinctive interest in interdisciplinary and transnational approaches to literary and visual cultures, translation, heritage and sociolinguistics.

UoA 27 English Language and Literature

Our research strengths are aligned to our aim to deliver international leadership on trans-disciplinary research with a focus upon the diversity that characterises the value of the humanities.

UoA 28 History

We explore and share a passion for past societies and religious beliefs, from prehistory to the present day, in a way that impacts academia, educators, heritage organisations, healthcare professionals, government policy-makers, and the general public.

UoA 33 Music, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies

We have research strengths in composition, performance and musicology, including ethnomusicology, cultural-historical analysis and popular music.

UoA 34 Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management

Our work analyses media policy, representations and practices, with a focus on current challenges. It encompasses research examining journalism and democracy, the implications of developing technologies, and creative industry innovation.