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Submissions by academic school

Explore our submissions to the units of assessment by academic school.


We focus on many aspects of architecture, from promoting sustainable built environments to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


Our research includes molecular biosciences, neuroscience, organisms and the environment, and pathophysiology and repair.


Our purposeful, internationally leading, real-world social science research is central to achieving our Public Value ambitions.


Our internationally renowned researchers are working to find solutions to major global challenges and our strategic partnerships enable us to contribute to national economic growth and deliver global impact.

Computer Science and Informatics

Our talented research community is delivering inspiring research at the forefront of technological innovation whilst making a valuable contribution to the rapidly developing computer science sector.


The only dental school in Wales, providing unique and important leadership in dental research, teaching and patient care.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Research is focused on the themes of the solid earth, climate and life, and environmental science and policy.


We conduct research in a variety of areas including sustainability, mechanics, energy and security.

English, Communication and Philosophy

Our research spans four disciplines – English Literature, Language and Communication, Philosophy, and Creative Writing. We are committed to creative thinking, critical rigour, and trans-disciplinarity.

Geography and Planning

Our research addresses the grand challenges facing us today, including policy development, public debate, and innovative practice in the fields of geography and planning.

Healthcare Sciences

Our research improves, influences and informs healthcare across Wales and beyond, putting patients and families at the heart of our research.

History, Archaeology and Religion

Our researchers explore and share their passion for past societies and religious beliefs, from prehistory to the present day.

Journalism, Media and Culture

Our research examines journalism and democracy, the implications of developing technologies, and creative industry innovation.

Law and Politics

Our interdisciplinary research environment allows our staff and students to collaborate extensively, deliver varied and impactful research, and contribute to major contemporary debates.


Each field of research in our school has a highly active research group, which collaborates with leading academic researchers throughout the world.


Research spans the spectrum from lab investigation to clinical practice, in hospital and community settings.

Modern Languages

We work with policymakers, non-governmental organisations, schools, and the arts and heritage sector to co-create research that makes a difference to people’s lives.


Our research influences creative practice, shapes public discussion, and leads debate within the discipline of music.

Optometry and Vision Sciences

Our school has the only optometric training department in Wales, and one of the largest in the UK.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our research covers many areas, from respiratory disorders to issues around medicine resource allocation.

Physics and Astronomy

We are actively involved in major international collaborations and are making exciting discoveries which place us at the forefront of physics and astronomy research.


Our research addresses topics ranging from cognition and psychopathology to health, wellbeing and sustainable behaviour.

Social Sciences

Our theoretically informed research with a clear policy focus is committed to making a real-world societal impact.


Our research in literature, linguistics, and language planning and policy, is achieving positive practical, cultural and legislative change for communities in Wales and beyond.